Berks County Launches Initiative to Boost Agricultural Economy: A Roadmap for the Future

Berks County Department of Agriculture

READING, PABerks County Department of Agriculture has recently announced a comprehensive initiative. This ambitious project, part of the county’s overarching economic development strategy, IMAGINE Berks, aims to assess and enhance the economic impact of the county’s agricultural industry.

With over 1,800 farms contributing a market value of more than $554 million, agriculture is a cornerstone of Berks County’s economy. Recognizing the need for a data-driven approach to support this critical sector, the initiative seeks to quantify the full scope of agriculture in the county.

To achieve this, the Berks County Department of Agriculture has joined forces with ACDS, LLC (Agriculture and Community Development Services). Together, they will measure the total impact of the agricultural industry and develop a strategic action plan for the county and its partners.

“The Berks County agricultural economy is not only a critical part of our history, it is a key aspect of our economic future,” said Berks County Commissioner, Christian Y. Leinbach. “We need a clear strategy to help us get there, and this study will provide an ‘Ag Map’ for Berks County in the 21st Century.”

The project also aims to engage various stakeholders in the agricultural community. Farmers, agriculture-related business owners, community business leaders, and others will be invited to participate in interviews and focus groups. Their insights will be invaluable in mapping out the future of agriculture in Berks County.

Over the next eight months, representatives from ACDS, LLC will reach out to individuals, farmers, and agricultural businesses for their participation in the study. Their collective input will be instrumental in shaping the strategic action plan.

This initiative underscores the importance of agriculture in Berks County and its potential for driving economic growth. By leveraging data and engaging key stakeholders, the county aims to craft a forward-looking strategy that will not only sustain its agricultural industry but also enhance its contribution to the local economy.

The move signals a renewed commitment to the agricultural community and sets the stage for a future where Berks County’s rich farming heritage continues to thrive alongside modern economic development. Through this initiative, Berks County aims to position itself at the forefront of agricultural innovation and economic resilience.

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