Barnstormers and Goodwill Team Up for a Good Cause

Barnstormers and GoodwillSubmitted Image

LANCASTER, PA — Goodwill Keystone and the Lancaster Barnstormers have joined forces for the 2023 season, with a partnership aimed at raising awareness and support. The Barnstormers will have a lasting Goodwill presence both inside and outside the stadium throughout the year. Moreover, wearing the Goodwill logo on the right sleeve forms the first-ever Atlantic League jersey design.

Ticket sales can now contribute to the Goodwill cause, as $1 per ticket will be reserved for a designated seating area. Friday, May 19, is an excellent opportunity for fans to participate in a donation collection night for gently used items. Throughout the season, other collection drives will occur.

Recycling donations into training, paychecks, careers, and opportunities for people to thrive and flourish is what Goodwill is all about. Additionally, public recognition of their invaluable work will decorate different stadium sections.

Beyond their easily identified thrift stores and drop-off locations, Goodwill contributes significantly to the community in central and southeastern Pennsylvania. The organization employs over 1,400 individuals, while another 2,700 have completed job training programs and received ongoing support. This has culminated in successful partnerships with almost 150 businesses and organizations, aligning with Goodwill’s goal of advancing sustainability and creating generational wealth.

Moreover, Goodwill’s efforts have made an extraordinary impact on people’s lives. The program participants consist of individuals facing a diverse range of challenges and disabilities which may lead to employment barriers. However, the organization provides them with the necessary guidance, support and resources needed to secure satisfactory employment.

Goodwill’s exceptional success rates are a testament to the quality of their programs and initiatives. Over 2/3 of the people they have transitioned into jobs remained in their positions for at least a year. Another environmental aspect that Goodwill prioritizes is the conservation of resources that ensues through item reuse. They have managed to save nearly half a billion gallons of water and have recirculated 42 million pounds of material, resulting in tangible sustainability benefits for the planet and the local community.

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“We are thrilled to be the exclusive uniform sponsor of the Lancaster Barnstormers and support their commitment of providing affordable family entertainment to the community,” Goodwill Keystone Area President and CEO Ed Lada said. “As the first-ever Goodwill to partner with a minor-league baseball club in this fashion, the partnership provides us with a highly visible platform to showcase our mission and engage with the local community.”

“To be the first Atlantic League team to have a season-long jersey sponsor is very exciting,” said Barnstormers general manager Mike Reynolds. “We are very thankful to Goodwill Keystone for their partnership and belief in the Lancaster Barnstormers to be a Uniform Presenting sponsor. Goodwill Keystone and the Barnstormers are two great community organizations, and it feels only right that we partner on this creative and unique partnership.”

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