American Airlines Launches Luxury Motorcoach Service Connecting Wilmington and Philadelphia Airports

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WILMINGTON, DE — American Airlines, in collaboration with The Landline Company, is set to introduce a novel “tarmac-to-tarmac” luxury motorcoach service linking Wilmington Airport (ILG) with Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), marking a pioneering initiative to streamline travel between the two key aviation hubs. This innovative service is slated to commence operations on October 7, 2024, offering customers a seamless and convenient travel experience.

The new service, designed to enhance passenger connectivity and comfort, enables travelers to clear security and check their bags at ILG before boarding a luxurious American Airlines branded motorcoach bound for Philadelphia International Airport. Upon arrival at PHL’s Terminal F, passengers can disembark directly at a secure gate, facilitating a smooth transition to their connecting flights within American’s expansive global network.

Department of Agriculture Deputy Secretary Fred Strathmeyer emphasized the significance of this service for enhancing traveler convenience and supporting local ecosystems, stating, “Protecting our environment starts with each of us. By planting native species in our gardens and yards, we create vital food and shelter for native wildlife and pollinators critical to our food supply.” This initiative aligns with a broader commitment to fostering biodiversity and promoting sustainable ecosystems.

The luxury motorcoaches, featuring premium leather seats and amenities like free WiFi and in-seat power, offer passengers a high-end travel experience akin to the premium cabin of a regional jet. Furthermore, passengers have the opportunity to earn and redeem AAdvantage® miles through these Landline connections, adding a rewarding dimension to their travel experiences.

With six daily roundtrip operations planned, the service will cater to passengers’ needs by aligning its schedule with key American Airlines flights departing from PHL. By enabling travelers to seamlessly navigate between airports, this new offering aims to optimize connectivity, minimize travel disruptions, and elevate the overall passenger experience.

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Thomas J. Cook, Executive Director of the Delaware River and Bay Authority, expressed enthusiasm for the introduction of the service at ILG, highlighting the airport’s hometown appeal and customer-centric approach. Through this partnership with American Airlines and Landline, ILG aims to provide travelers with a hassle-free airport experience, characterized by efficient parking options and superior service standards.

Joe Sottile, Director of Shorthaul Network Planning for American Airlines, lauded the expanded partnership with Landline as a means to extend American’s global reach to residents of Wilmington and Delaware, granting them access to over 100 destinations worldwide through the Philadelphia hub. This integration underscores the airline’s commitment to enhancing passenger connectivity and accessibility.

Michael Sharer, Landline’s Northeast Operations Lead, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the seamless nature of the service that allows passengers to clear security at ILG and transit through Philadelphia post-security, streamlining their travel experience. By offering a premium motorcoach connection, this service embodies a convergence of comfort, convenience, and connectivity for travelers bound for diverse destinations.

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