AMC Global Releases No-Low Alcohol Beverage White Paper

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BLUE BELL, PA — AMC Global has released a new white paper “To Drink…or To Drink Differently?”. The paper was created to explore findings of the company’s ongoing consumer research study—which recently showed that two in five adults are interested in low alcohol and no alcohol (no-low) beer, wine and spirits.

The piece shares how the data shows choice and awareness is growing among consumers for alternative beverages like non-alcoholic, low-alcoholic and functional benefit wellness beverages. The paper explores the no-low beer category, no-low spirits and mocktails, no-low wine, and functional beverages like kombucha and CBD-infused beverages—as well as consumer packaging preferences.

functional benefits in beverage

Key White Paper / Study Data:

  • There is growing consumer interest in no-low alcohol beverages, with 32% of Americans reporting interest in mocktails (cocktails without liquor), and 28% expressing interest in no-low wine, 25% no-low spirits, 20% in no-low beers.
  • Those reporting interest in no-low beverage categories may also be looking for functional benefits in their beverages. Fifty-two percent are looking for vitamins, 48% for antioxidants, 37% for probiotics and 26% for CBD-infused beverages.
  • Preferred packaging for no-low alcohol beverages is single serve glass bottles (65%), single serve cans (62%), multi-serve glass bottles (48%) and single serve plastic bottles (46%).
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Access the “To Drink…or To Drink Differently?” white paper here.

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