AgroFresh Announces Global Expansion of Control-Tec Sustainability Technology Systems

AgroFresh Solutions

PHILADELPHIA, PA — AgroFresh Solutions, Inc. recently announced the expanded availability of Control-Tec™ sustainability technology systems across North America, South America, Europe and Australia/New Zealand following the successful implementation of these technologies in Chile. The customizable, automated post-harvest systems help packinghouse operators reduce water usage and increase efficiency of the disease prevention process.

“At AgroFresh, we’re on the front lines of developing AgTech solutions, from the fields to the packinghouses, with the goal of reducing food loss and water waste while maximizing harvest and fruit quality,” said Clint Lewis, CEO of AgroFresh. “Our line of Control-Tec equipment leverages the best in automation to save packers time, conserve resources and yield more precise results to bring high quality produce all the way to the consumer. We are pleased to bring these innovative technologies to our global customers to help them significantly optimize their water and fungicide use in the post-harvest process.”

Post-harvest water use and the quality of the water returned to the environment have long been critical and addressable points in the food production process. Chilean processor and packer Premium Packaging Services (PPS), an industry leader for 20 years, has achieved a remarkable water sustainability and fungicide reduction impact with the Control-Tec Cherry system.

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“Based on our collaboration with PPS and their actual operations, we documented that the use of Control-Tec Cherry reduced their water consumption by 60 percent year-over-year,” said Eduardo Rey, AgroFresh Technical Service Manager for Latin America. “During a typical cherry season for the post-harvest industry in Chile, the use of Control-Tec would reduce total water consumption by 17,000 cubic meters, which is equivalent to the water needs of 900 people per year.”

“AgroFresh’s Control-Tec Cherry system has generated significant sustainability and operational efficiencies for our company,” said Francisco Tupper, General Manager at PPS. “We significantly reduced the number of water exchanges on our three process lines from once or twice per day to just twice per week. In addition, we achieved a more precise application of fungicides and reduced our fungicide consumption by 48%.”

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AgroFresh’s proprietary Control-Tec Cherry processing system integrates Control-Tec Eco, Control-Tec Dosifier and an upgraded data reporting software capability, all specially designed to enhance environmental benefits and gain operational cost efficiencies for cherry processing.

  • Control-Tec Eco allows a greater percentage of water used in the cleaning and processing of produce to be safely reused or returned to the environment by reducing the need for and frequency of water exchanges from prepared solution mixes; clarifying solution mixtures to allow reuse; minimizing spills; improving phytosanitary output by reducing solution exchanges over longer periods; and filtering solution mixtures to reduce organic matter.
  • Control-Tec Dosifier automatically optimizes the use of fungicides based on the amount of fruit being processed. The Control-Tec Dosifier features a programmable touchscreen, allowing workers to easily and safely manage packingline operations and fungicide applications in drenchers or tanks.
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AgroFresh has a significant global footprint of installed equipment for freshness preservation, shelf-life extension and food loss reduction. AgroFresh offers a comprehensive range of Control-Tec™ technology solutions for packing lines, ripening rooms, storage rooms and facility disinfection resulting in more efficient and sustainable water use and the reuse and filtration of phytosanitary or disinfectant mixtures in hydrocooling, drenchers and rafts. Global installations of Control-Tec™ equipment total 600+ across 15 countries, and continue to grow.

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