Active World Holdings Inc Announces The Launch of Decentralized Merchant Checkout DivinciPay

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PHILADELPHIA, PA — Active World Holdings Inc this week announced the DiVinciPay “no-code” plugin is now available for WIX websites.

DiVinciPay is the first permissionless, non-custodial plugin designed specifically for WIX websites. Built as a powerful payment application, that integrates seamlessly within an existing WIX website, DiVinciPay instantly upgrades a WIX Web2 website to a high-powered, Web3 platform. By simply adding the DiVinciPay “No-Code” plugin to a WIX website, customers will have access to thousands of ERC-20 tokens to use as payment at checkout. Merchants can easily grow their customer reach by adding DiVinciPay to their existing WIX service.

Currently, WIX, ltd has over 200,000,000 websites using their DIY platform (NASDAQ: WIX), with over 75% of these sites offering shopping functionality. With the advent of DiVinciPay, they will now be able to accept payment from over 1,000 ERC-20 cryptocurrencies at checkout. The AWH 2023 growth strategy is to onboard a minimum of 10,000 WIX websites on the DiVinciPay platform at an introductory rate of $99.00 per month with zero transaction fees.

This is a great milestone for AWH, as the team has delivered the ability to spend cryptocurrencies across potentially hundreds of millions of websites on the platform. Additionally, DiVinciPay offers aspiring Web3 and cryptocurrency companies instant use cases for their token projects and ecosystems while giving token holders alternatives to selling the tokens for fiat to pay for goods and services. According to an early AWH blog post Utility vs Liquidity prioritizes utility for tokens as it drives both scarcity and ultimately sustainability for token projects, while they evolve to interact with real world economy, NFTs and Metaverses.

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The rollout of DiVinciPay merchant checkout technologies represents only the very beginning. AWH plans to bring millions of existing businesses into the future with Web3 integration. DiVinciPay’s growing list of token projects, cryptocurrencies, and metaverse assets is creating a formidable ecosystem of decentralized alternative commerce. In our vision of the future, this ecosystem has the power to deliver freedom and render fiat conversions obsolete.

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