A Fresh Injection of €100 Million Aims to Amplify Humanitarian Efforts Worldwide

Ticino Management

WILMINGTON, DETicino Management, Inc. recently secured a staggering €100 Million in humanitarian funding destined for Plutonic Capital Management (PCM/Barbados). This substantial financial achievement stands as a testament to Ticino’s unwavering dedication to the triumphant growth of PCM/Barbados, a lauded international company stationed in Barbados known for its commitment to High-Performance Infrastructure (HPI) and High Impact Philanthropic-humanitarian Capacity Building Initiatives.

Andre Brown, the dynamic CEO of Ticino, vocally expressed his confidence in the future of PCM/Barbados. His belief stems not only from the company’s noteworthy dedication to advancing social welfare and humanitarian causes worldwide but also from its strategic alliance with Dr. Franco M.G. Derin, a globally recognized field expert.

Dr. Derin is an esteemed diplomat from the Order of Saint John, an organization known for its extraordinary commitment to the greater good. His vast expertise and strategic approach are expected to fuel substantial growth, including advanced computing, telecommunications, and supporting infrastructure in Barbados. Beyond this, a leading philanthropic investor, moved by the organization’s commitment to making a humanitarian, economic, and social impact, has agreed to fund and join PCM/Barbados’ Board of Directors.

Born in Milan, Italy, Dr. Derin is an accomplished economist with an impressive academic and professional backdrop. After successfully earning his Doctorate in Economics & International Trade and an MBA, he held multiple pivotal roles in prominent organizations such as Vic Asset Management, Denmark International Holdings, and Tonini Group. His significant contributions in the realm of global banking and human rights have earned him a lifetime achievement award from the notable Who is Who International Organization.

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In addition to his long listing of accolades and achievements, Dr. Derin was appointed Vice President and economist of the International Organization of Economic Development (IOED), an intergovernmental organization acknowledged by the United Nations.

Dr. Derin’s appointments also extend to his role as a Financial Planning Director at the Grand Regal Hotel, a Trustee International Development Director at the United States Capital Private Bank Express Trust Organization, and a Securities and Trading International Development Officer at HAB JPR PRIVEE Multi Cooperative Consortium Fund. Despite his numerous commitments, he remains an Honourable Judge International Development Security Officer, a position endorsed by the International Court of Justice International Criminal Court Universal Trust Rating Certification.

Dr. Derin’s robust financial acumen, coupled with his focused philanthropic investment, has led to significant advancements in sustainable and innovative international development, particularly in developing nations within Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

The substantial €100 Million humanitarian funding secured by Ticino is slated to support and amplify the efforts of PCM/Barbados and its key players significantly. As PCM continues its outstanding work in the realm of infrastructure and philanthropic-humanitarian capacity building initiatives, the world watches with keen interest, aware of the immense global impact that this achievement promises to deliver.

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