Record Number of Chester County Lawmakers Recognized as Environmental Champions

CHESTER COUNTY, PA — On Wednesday evening, five of Chester County’s environmental champions joined dozens of residents virtually to discuss the state of our environment. State Senator Katie Muth (SD-44) and State Representatives Carolyn Comitta (HD-156), Christina Sappey (HD-158), Melissa Shusterman (HD-157), and Dan Williams (HD-74) discussed their critical actions to protect Pennsylvania’s air and water and combat climate change — and how they stood up against polluters who would put their profits over environmental protection.

The Pennsylvania Environmental Scorecard, compiled by four environmental organizations across the state, scores State Senators and Representatives on their votes on environmental legislation. Chester County has one of the state’s highest number of environmentally friendly legislators in office — with eight out of our thirteen legislators scoring 100 percent. “We’re proud to recognize the numerous state legislators in Chester County with perfect scores, and we hope their unyielding commitment toward protecting our water, air, and lands become a trend across the state,” says Jess Cadorette, Conservation Voters of PA Field Director.

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The Scorecard helps Pennsylvanians discover whether their legislators are prioritizing our environment when voting in Harrisburg. “Protecting our neighborhoods and environment is critical to maintaining the beauty and habitability of our County and our Commonwealth,” said Representative Dan Williams (HD-74).”I am greatly appreciative that my beliefs have earned myself such a high recommendation from these organizations.” Residents who joined the reveal virtually on Wednesday evening expressed their own appreciation for how these elected officials remain dedicated to protecting our environment.

As Senator Katie Muth (SD-44) said: “Elected officials and those in positions of power who take money from fossil fuel companies should not be drafting or voting on environmental legislation. Too many members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly remain loyal to special interests, resulting in a direct attack on our democracy, our environment and our public health.”

Unfortunately, the 2019-2020 Environmental Scorecard reflects a denial of science among legislative leaders that risks the health and safety of Pennsylvania’s residents for generations to come. This session, 116 legislators scored 0 percent, marking a 500 percent increase in bad voting records on environmental issues since the last environmental scorecard in 2017-2018. However, Chester County was one of the few regions which saw an increase in legislators scoring 100 percent.

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“We all know the urgency of the climate crisis and the importance of preserving and protecting our environment for future generations,” said Representative Carolyn Comitta (HD-156). “I am proud to stand with my colleagues to ensure that our communities have environmental champions that are dedicated to passing legislation that will safeguard our constitutional right to clean air and water.”

Here is the breakdown of how the Senators in Chester County scored: State Senator Andrew Dinniman (SD-19): 67%, State Senator Tim Kearney (SD-26): 100%, State Senator Thomas Killion (SD-9): 50%, and State Senator Katie Muth (SD-44): 100%.

And here is how our Chester County Representatives scored: State Representative Stephen Barrar (HD-160): 8%, State Representative Carolyn Comitta (HD-156): 100%, State Representative Tim Hennessey (HD-26): 8%, State Representative Kristine Howard (HD-167): 100%, State Representative John Lawrence (HD-13): 15%, State Representative Danielle Otten (HD-155): 100%, State Representative Christina Sappey (HD-158): 100%, State Representative Melissa Shusterman (HD-157): 100%, and State Representative Dan Williams (HD-74): 100%.

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As the virtual evening wrapped up, Representative Christina Sappey (HD-158) noted, “I remain committed to protecting our rights to clean air, pure water and to the preservation of our open space and environment. Thank you to Conservation Voters of PA for this opportunity to come together and discuss the environmental challenges still facing us.”

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