Redistricting Reform Bill Moved to Senate Floor

Redistricting Reform Bill Moved to Senate Floor

Amid the cacophony of this week’s election news, the PA Senate State Government Committee on Tuesday quietly voted in a bipartisan show of support to move redistricting reform bill SB 1242 to the Senate Floor with one amendment.

A mirror bill, House Bill 2638, currently awaits passage out of the House State Government Committee. The two bills together comprise the Legislative and Congressional Redistricting Act (LACRA) which mandates transparency and encourages public participation, sets map-drawing criteria and enforces limits on county splits, among other things.

All Chester County legislators except Representative John Lawrence have signed on to cosponsor LACRA and voters simply need to encourage our legislators to contact their colleagues and get serious about passing redistricting reform before decennial redistricting after our current census.

PA Senate State Government Committee Chair John DiSanto (R-Dauphin) said, “…I believe Senate Bill 1242 provides the best opportunity for being the vehicle that can make it across the finish line.” Pennsylvanians have been working decades to achieve redistricting reform. Let’s bring it home.

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