Pennsylvania Officials Join Forces to Streamline Medicaid and CHIP Renewals, Ensuring Coverage for Millions

Medicaid RenewalsCredit: Commonwealth Media Services

PENNSYLVANIA — Officials from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS), along with U.S. Senator Bob Casey and representatives from River Valley Health and Dental Center, gathered yesterday for a roundtable discussion addressing the requirements for renewing Medicaid and CHIP. The focus was to underscore the significance of completing Medicaid renewals to ensure coverage for the 3.7 million Pennsylvanians who rely on it. The event aimed to raise awareness and provide essential information to assist individuals in updating their contact details and completing renewals promptly. The gathering emphasized the vital role of health coverage in providing financial security, access to preventive services, and peace of mind. The efforts of Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services and Pennie in educating and supporting families at risk of losing coverage were widely applauded.

“With more than 3.7 million Pennsylvanians covered by Medicaid, most of us know someone who gets their health coverage through the state. That’s why it is so important that we all work together to spread the word about the importance of completing Medicaid renewals. I am honored to work alongside Senator Casey and community health centers across the Commonwealth to make sure that Pennsylvanians stay covered,” said Secretary Arkoosh. “If you or someone you know receives Medicaid, please make sure they update their contact information with DHS and complete their renewal on time.”

The federal public health emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic allowed for individuals to remain enrolled in Medicaid even if they became ineligible, except in certain circumstances. This is also known as the Medicaid continuous coverage requirement. A federal law ended the continuous coverage requirement on March 31, 2023. Now, all Pennsylvanians receiving Medicaid or CHIP must once again complete their annual renewal when it is due to determine if they are still eligible for coverage. No one will lose Medicaid or CHIP coverage without first having an opportunity to renew their coverage or update their information.

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“For millions of Pennsylvanians, including people with disabilities and children in rural communities, Medicaid is a lifeline,” said U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA). “Medical emergencies can strike at any time, and they are exacerbated when families don’t have health coverage. I commend Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services and Pennie for their critical work to inform Pennsylvania families at risk of losing coverage how they can keep their health care.”

To make sure they are getting updates about their renewal and benefits, Pennsylvanians should make sure their contact information is up to date with DHS. They can do this and report changes in their personal circumstances and check their renewal date:

Renewals will be completed over 12 months through April 2024, usually at a person’s normal time of renewal. If a person is found ineligible for coverage or does not complete their renewal on time, their Medicaid coverage will end. Pennsylvanians who are no longer eligible for Medicaid will be referred to other sources of affordable medical coverage, like CHIP and Pennie, so they have no lapse in coverage.

Pennie is Pennsylvania’s official health insurance marketplace and the only place to get financial assistance to help lower the cost of high-quality coverage and care. Those who are no longer eligible for Medicaid coverage can apply for coverage through, while some individuals will have their information securely transferred from Medicaid or CHIP for an easier enrollment process. Customers can simply call Pennie Customer Service at 1-844-844-8040 or find Pennie-certified pros at

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“Health coverage provides peace of mind, financial security, and access to preventive services to catch minor health issues before they become major problems,” said Pennie External Affairs Director Chachi Angelo. “Through Pennie, nine out of 10 customers qualify for financial savings, and many of those no longer eligible for Medicaid can find a plan for low or no cost. We encourage anyone who needs health coverage to visit to learn about our quality health plan options.”

The River Valley Health and Dental Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), a non-profit community-based health organization independently governed by a community board of directors and located in the center of Williamsport. It serves the residents of the greater river valley community with comprehensive primary care – medical and dental, including chiropractic, behavioral health, and reproductive health services.

“In our region, the challenge for many is to find sustainable healthcare coverage, which means we must continue to provide medical and dental assistance to all regardless of their eligibility for Medicaid coverage or ability to pay. What is critical, at this time, is to provide education and information to our patients on their options,” said James Yoxtheimer, President and CEO of River Valley Health & Dental. “We are pleased to partner with Senator Casey, Secretary Arkoosh, and Pennie in this effort to increase the region’s knowledge of what is needed to access available sources of assistance as we transition from the pandemic.”

To learn more about Medicaid and CHIP renewals and to access educational resources, visit

For more information on health insurance options available to Pennsylvanians, visit

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