Pennsylvania Environmental Council Joins Energy Future PA Coalition

Pennsylvania Environmental Council

HARRISBURG, PA — Energy Future PA announced an expansion of its coalition with the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) joining as a partner member. This move aims to bolster the group’s efforts in promoting diverse energy solutions and enhancing the reliability of the nation’s power grid.

A Broad-Based Coalition

Energy Future PA is a nonpartisan coalition comprising independent organizations committed to a comprehensive suite of energy solutions. Their focus includes renewable energy, clean hydrogen, nuclear energy, and carbon capture and storage technologies. The coalition aims to meet future energy needs while reducing carbon emissions.

“For more than 50 years, Pennsylvania Environmental Council has built a well-earned reputation as a trusted, nonpartisan voice for protecting and restoring the environment through partnerships and collaboration,” said Kate Harper, co-chair of Energy Future PA. “We welcome PEC as a partner in our shared goal of securing Pennsylvania’s energy leadership in a new decarbonized economy that puts Pennsylvania workers, families, and communities first.”

Founded in 1970, PEC has been a leading voice in environmental programs and policy across Pennsylvania. The organization has offices in Pittsburgh, State College, Philadelphia, and northeastern Pennsylvania. Its mission of collaboration, innovation, and partnership aligns well with the goals of Energy Future PA.

Strategic Partnerships

Tom Gilbert, president of PEC, emphasized the importance of this partnership. “Whether it’s expansion of renewable generation, energy storage, clean hydrogen for hard-to-abate sectors, carbon capture technology and next-generation nuclear energy, or the advancement of state policies that increase decarbonized power generation, we believe we have a strong partner in Energy Future PA,” he said. “This is a pivotal moment for Pennsylvania, and we need to get it right. We need to advance bipartisan solutions that transition Pennsylvania to a zero-carbon economy while also protecting and strengthening communities. We can do it if we work together.”

Pioneering Sustainability in a Changing Climate

The inclusion of PEC in Energy Future PA highlights the growing recognition of the need for a diverse and sustainable energy strategy. As climate change continues to pose significant risks, there is an urgent need to transition to low-carbon and renewable energy sources.

Pennsylvania, with its rich history in energy production, including coal and natural gas, is uniquely positioned to lead this transition. By incorporating advanced technologies like carbon capture and clean hydrogen, the state can reduce its carbon footprint while maintaining energy reliability.

Implications for Policy

The coalition’s expansion sends a clear message to policymakers in Harrisburg and Washington, D.C. Former U.S. Congressman Conor Lamb, recently appointed co-chair of Energy Future PA, stated, “Our growing coalition sends a strong signal to policy leaders in Harrisburg and Washington that common-sense energy policy can and should cross party lines. By working together, with a broad array of voices at the table, Pennsylvania can secure its rightful place as a national and global energy leader.”

Bipartisan cooperation is crucial for the success of these initiatives. The coalition aims to foster such cooperation by bringing diverse stakeholders together, including environmental advocates, labor unions, businesses, and educational institutions.

Growing Roster of Members

Since its founding in late 2022, Energy Future PA has attracted a diverse group of partner members. These include the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia, Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry, IBEW Local 654, PDC Machines, Pennsylvania State Building and Construction Trades Council, Penn State College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, and Steamfitters Local 420. Each member operates independently, but they are united in their support for the coalition’s mission.

Looking Ahead

As technology evolves and the demand for sustainable energy increases, the role of coalitions like Energy Future PA becomes even more critical. They provide the necessary platform for collaboration and innovation, helping to navigate the complexities of the energy transition.

In summary, the partnership between the Pennsylvania Environmental Council and Energy Future PA represents a significant step towards achieving a sustainable and reliable energy future for Pennsylvania. The coalition’s focus on diverse energy solutions and bipartisan cooperation sets a strong foundation for the state to become a leader in the new decarbonized economy.

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