PA’s Public School Funding System Declared Unconstitutional

Attorney General Michelle HenryAttorney General Michelle Henry (Credit: Commonwealth Media Services)

PENNSYLVANIA — The dilemma Pennsylvania faces regarding public school funding is an issue of which every Pennsylvanian was painfully aware. Acting Attorney General Michelle Henry, in a statement supporting yesterday’s Commonwealth Court’s decision declaring Pennsylvania’s public school funding system unconstitutional, noted that the current system fails to meet the standard set by the Pennsylvania Constitution that all children should have access to high-quality public education regardless of their zip code.

“When our Office filed an amicus brief last spring in support of the lawsuit challenging the Commonwealth’s school funding formula, we argued that the Pennsylvania Constitution demands that every child should have access to high-quality public education regardless of their zip code and that the system as it exists fails to meet that standard,” said Henry. “Our Office is still in the process of thoroughly reviewing the Court’s opinion, but we were gratified to learn today that the Court agreed with our position, paving the way for Pennsylvania lawmakers to come together to create a new system that works for all children and families.”

Pennsylvanians are now looking toward state lawmakers to come together and create a much-needed system that aids in providing every child with educational opportunities that can help them reach their highest potential and future success.

The ruling in its entirety can be read here.

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