PA SRCC: Pennsylvanians Can’t Afford Tax Increases During High Inflation

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HARRISBURG, PA — The Pennsylvania Senate Republican Campaign Committee (PA SRCC) released the following statements on recent footage of Democrat State Senator Lindsey Williams dodging simple questions about President Joe Biden’s tax hikes:

“Senator Williams is standing in lockstep with President Biden and the Democrat Party’s failed agenda,” PA SRCC Communications Director Michael Straw stated. “Answering whether you support tax increases during a recession is a simple question. Pennsylvanians can’t afford tax increases during high inflation and a recession. Senator Williams knows this but is afraid of bucking Joe Biden and upsetting her radical base.”

“Constituents across the 38th Senate District have already felt the effects of President Biden’s failed economic agenda. With the current recession and more inflation on the way Senator Williams should be honest with her neighbors on whether she supports the Biden Tax Hike,” Straw added.

“The numbers don’t lie. No matter where you look, President Biden is an unpopular figure throughout Pennsylvania,” PA SRCC Executive Director Cody Harbaugh stated. “But Democrat Senators Katie Muth and Lindsey Williams have spent the last 2 years doubling down on Joe Biden’s agenda.”

“And now we’re stuck with crushing inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, and rising crime. Katie Muth and Lindsey Williams may be silent about their support of Joe Biden now, but their consistent support of his agenda speaks volumes,” Harbaugh concluded.

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