Howard Introduces Bill to Help Improve People’s Credit Ratings

State Rep Kristine Howard

MALVERN, PA — State Rep. Kristine Howard, D-Chester, this week introduced H.B. 2932 which would require public utility companies to offer customers the option of reporting their monthly payments to credit bureaus to demonstrate a history of on-time recurring payments.

“The economic fallout caused by the pandemic has caused many consumers to miss payments, hurting their credit scores,” Howard said. “Consumers striving to establish or repair their credit find an unbalanced system only reporting negative, delinquent payments, while other on-time payments go unreported.

“My bill would help consumers build up good credit by requiring that public utilities offer their customers the choice of opting to have their utility payments reported to credit reporting agencies, including timely payments. This measure will allow consumers to opt-in at any time, with no restrictions or expiration date.”

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According to Howard, Experian was the first credit reporting agency to offer consumers the ability to have on-time utility and rent payments credited to their report to improve their credit score, but the other agencies have yet to offer anything similar.

“It’s time we change this credit reporting system to benefit hardworking consumers who pay utility bills on time. My bill would provide a lifeline and help people recover from the financial crisis caused by the pandemic,” Howard said.

The bill has been referred to the House Consumer Affairs Committee for consideration.

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