House Democrats Advance Legislation for Better Jobs, Schools and Communities

PA CapitolCredit: Commonwealth Media Services

PENNSYLVANIA — Pennsylvania House Democrats advanced significant legislation this week to deliver on their pledge of improving jobs, schools and communities for all in the state. Many of the bills received bipartisan support, offering protection from discrimination, enhancing worker rights and addressing the teacher shortage. The House of Representatives passed these bills and they now move to the Senate.

House Democrats also celebrated a new bipartisan law that provides high-risk patients with no-cost cancer screenings.

“Pennsylvanians have been clear on their priorities, and now the state House is advancing the policies that our communities have been demanding,” Speaker Joanna McClinton, D-Phila./Delaware, said. “Together, we’re advancing solutions to some of our commonwealth’s most pressing challenges and, in some cases, doing it in a bipartisan way.”

“As demonstrated by the numerous measures passed this week, House Democrats are focused on policies that help build our communities and support our working families,” said Majority Leader Matt Bradford, D-Montgomery. “Our top priority is making Pennsylvania a better place for all Pennsylvanians. We have taken a bipartisan approach to this session and will continue to work with all lawmakers and consider all bills that move Pennsylvania forward.”

“What we saw in Harrisburg this week is exactly what Democrats promised to deliver on,” said Majority Appropriations Chairman Jordan Harris, D-Phila. “We’re moving life-changing legislation, be it protecting LGBTQ folks from discrimination or ensuring our workers have the dignity and safety they deserve, and I look forward to continuing down this path in creating a better Pennsylvania that works for everyone.”

“In the last two weeks House Democrats have moved substantive legislation, much of which was bottled up in committees for years. Instead of naming bridges, we worked to protect workers’ rights to organize, expand safety protections for public sector workers, and address worker misclassification among other important issues,” said Majority Whip Dan Miller, D-Allegheny. “For the first time in a decade, new voices and new ideas are being heard on the floor of the House, and I cannot be more excited. We still have a lot of work to do this year, but I am confident we will continue to move Pennsylvania forward.”

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The following issues were approved in the House:

Protecting from Discrimination
All Pennsylvanians deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and no one should be discriminated against for who they are or who they love. House Democrats have been fighting for equality with the Fairness Act for 22 years. House Bill 300, which would prohibit discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, finally advanced through the House this week.

Strengthening Worker Protections
All workers deserve to feel safe at their jobs. House Democrats have long prioritized supporting working families and investing in good jobs. The House approved several bills this week that would improve workplace conditions and expand workers’ rights. These bills will make Pennsylvania stronger, safer and a better place to work, resulting in a healthier, stronger workforce.

Addressing the Teacher Shortage
Pennsylvania is facing a serious teacher shortage. As part of the House Democrats’ longtime commitment to invest in quality public education, the House passed three bills this week that would attract and retain educators to this noble profession.

Providing Lifesaving No-Cost Cancer Screenings
This week, Gov. Josh Shapiro signed a new law that that will save lives and help prevent breast cancer and other hereditary cancers. This new law removes out-of-pocket costs associated with genetic testing for hereditary breast, ovarian, prostate and other cancer syndromes, as well as supplemental breast screenings for women with a high lifetime risk of breast cancer.

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