Get the Facts: Answers to Your Questions About Medication Abortion & Mifepristone Access

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PENNSYLVANIA —Attorney General Michelle Henry and the Office of Attorney General in Pennsylvania announced that she recognizes the importance of informed healthcare decisions. In line with this, they have issued a Frequently Asked Questions resource concerning safe access to medication abortion and mifepristone, which is one of the two drugs used in medication abortion.

Recent media reports have highlighted pending lawsuits challenging the FDA-approval status of mifepristone. But amidst this ongoing discussion, the Attorney General’s Office stated it is committed to ensuring that accurate and up-to-date information is provided to the public to make well-informed healthcare choices that they are entitled to.

“I understand there may be a lot of confusion regarding the accessibility of mifepristone and medication abortion in light of the lawsuits making national news, so let me provide clarity: mifepristone remains legal in Pennsylvania,” said Attorney General Henry. “My office put together this information sheet to clarify the current legal status of the drug and its availability for individuals considering abortion in Pennsylvania.”

Mifepristone, also known as the “abortion pill,” was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a safe and effective method for terminating early pregnancies in 2000. Since then, over 5.6 million people in the United States have chosen to use the drug, making it a popular choice amongst women seeking abortion.

Although mifepristone’s FDA approval is currently being challenged in Texas federal court, the United States Supreme Court recently ordered that the FDA’s approval should remain in place until a final decision is reached on the case, Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA. This has sparked a larger debate about the politicalization of women’s health and reproductive rights in the country, and has led to increased scrutiny on regulations surrounding abortion pills and medication-assisted abortions.

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In addition to the lawsuit mentioned earlier, there is another legal case filed by 18 Attorneys General, including Attorney General Henry,  identified as State of Washington v. FDA. The case seeks to challenge certain prescribing requirements that have been placed on mifepristone by the FDA. These requirements have been deemed as an unnecessary burden on abortion providers and their patients. Therefore, the lawsuit aims to set aside these regulations and provide more accessible healthcare to women in need.

Attorney General Henry is encouraging anyone in Pennsylvania with additional questions or concerns regarding abortion access to reach out and consider contacting the Women’s Law Project. Their team of experts can provide you with in-depth details, resources, and advice to help guide you through this often-complex topic.

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