Dave McCormick Unveils Pro-Family Policy Agenda in Delaware County

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SPRINGFIELD, PA — On Wednesday, Dave McCormick introduced Part Four of his Keystone Agenda to Reclaim America at an event in Delaware County. The comprehensive plan aims to address the challenges facing Pennsylvania families across all life stages—from pregnancy to retirement.

Key Proposals for Families

McCormick’s proposals include a $15,000 tax credit for fertility services such as IVF, which could significantly ease the financial burden for couples looking to start a family. He also plans to prevent federal interference in accessing affordable faith-based or community childcare, empowering parents with more choices.

In education, McCormick advocates for expanding school choice. His proposal involves a federal tax credit for contributions to scholarship funds, which would enable more families to afford private and specialized schooling options. Additionally, he seeks to ban children under 16 from using social media, a move aimed at protecting young minds from online harms.

McCormick also proposes creating tax-free savings accounts for families to cover up to $10,000 annually in childcare costs. Making the Paid Family and Medical Leave Employer Tax Credit permanent and doubling the Child Tax Credit are other notable elements of his agenda.

Criticism of Current Leadership

McCormick criticized the current administration, stating, “Under the watch of President Biden and Pennsylvania’s liberal Senator, Bob Casey, these problems are getting worse, not better.” He accused Senator Casey of being a “rubber stamp liberal” who aligns closely with President Biden, contributing to policies that he believes fail working families.

“Pennsylvania needs an outsider who will shake up the status quo in the Senate and push for bold and aggressive action on behalf of working families,” McCormick said, positioning himself as a fresh alternative to the incumbent.

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Bold Proposals for Family Support and Child Well-being

The implications of McCormick’s proposals are significant. A $15,000 tax credit for fertility services could make parenthood accessible to many who struggle with infertility. Expanding school choice and providing tax-free savings accounts for childcare costs would offer greater financial flexibility to families. Making the Paid Family and Medical Leave Employer Tax Credit permanent could ensure long-term support for working parents.

Banning children under 16 from social media is a controversial yet bold step aimed at addressing mental health and safety concerns for young users. Doubling the Child Tax Credit would provide immediate financial relief to families, potentially lifting many out of poverty.

Dave McCormick’s Pro-Family Platform and Vision for Change in the U.S. Senate Race

McCormick’s agenda emphasizes a broader Republican strategy to address family-centric issues, contrasting with what he describes as ineffective Democratic policies. If elected, his focus on reducing federal interference and increasing financial support for families could reshape policy discussions in Washington.

As the November election approaches, McCormick’s pro-family platform aims to resonate with voters seeking practical solutions to everyday challenges. His emphasis on new leadership and aggressive action may attract those disillusioned with current political dynamics.

Dave McCormick is running for the U.S. Senate seat representing Pennsylvania in the general election on November 5, 2024. His candidacy promises to bring a fresh perspective to longstanding issues affecting families in the Commonwealth.

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