Battle of Justice in Pennsylvania: Williams Calls Out Sunday in Attorney General Forum

Election debate© John Schreiner from Getty Images / Canva

PHILADELPHIA, PA — The race for the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office is heating up, this week marked by the rigorous debate at the Philadelphia Criminal Inn of Court’s Attorney General Forum. There, in a room filled mostly with Democrats, State Representative and Marine Combat Veteran, Craig Williams, demonstrated his commitment to justice and public safety. Williams, a Republican candidate, went toe-to-toe with four Democrat challengers, leaving a strong impression with his astute and principled approach, exemplified by the depth of his understanding of the state’s crime issues.

In the spotlight was Rep. Williams’ restructured gun violence task force that targets felony gun prosecution in Philadelphia, a measure he introduced in 2022. During the discussion, Williams held the audience captive with his in-depth explanation and clear articulation of Act 40, legislation centered around crimes on SEPTA property, all state-owned. His comprehensive knowledge of these complex issues and the clarity with which he conveyed this information, resonated strongly in the room.

In stark contrast, the absence of Dave Sunday, York County’s District Attorney, did not go unnoticed. His decision not to participate in such a critical conversation on safety and violence sheds light on his unwillingness to confront difficult questions head-on. This is in line with his strategy of avoiding debates during the endorsement process, a maneuver seemingly condoned by party bosses, who facilitated the endorsement virtually.

Undaunted by being the underdog, Williams stepped into the forum dedicated to fighting for the tough measures needed to ensure Pennsylvania remains safe. His opening gambit humorously pointed out Sunday’s absence, which drew laughter from the audience. He further challenged Sunday to a debate, giving Pennsylvanians a chance to compare their records head-on. “It’s time for Pennsylvania to compare us directly,” said Williams.

Additionally, Williams voiced concerns about Sunday’s practices stating “His tenure as District Attorney, influenced by his previous alignment with the Democratic Party until seeking political advancement in a Republican-leaning county, speaks volumes about his motivations and actions. He has a record of emptying jails, letting death-row inmates out of prison, and prosecuting victims who do not agree with him. He can’t hide any longer.”

Williams’ campaign for Attorney General is underpinned by his breadth of experience dealing with violence, both as a Marine combat veteran and a prosecutor. “I know how to deal with violence. … I fought the bad guys on the battlefield and I beat them in the courtroom”, he stated.

In contrast, Sunday, a Navy veteran and prosecutor has emphasized his litigation experience and success in significantly reducing crime by 30% in York County during his first term. He also touts his fight against illegal drugs and his Navy experience as key qualifications.

These stark differences between the two candidates illuminate the divergent views and approaches to justice and safety in Pennsylvania. The voters’ decision in the upcoming Attorney General race will not only influence the direction of crime policy in the state but also determine the overarching tone and tenor of the state’s justice system going forward. It’s now up to Pennsylvanians to decide which path to tread.

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