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Auditor General Announces $8.8 Million for Firefighter, Police, Municipal Pension Plans in Chester County, $328.2 Million Across State

Auditor General Announces $328.2 Million for Firefighter, Police, Municipal Pension Plans Across Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG, PA — Auditor General Eugene DePasquale announced he released $8.8 Million million in state aid to help support retirement plans for police, paid firefighters and other municipal workers in Chester County who dedicate their careers to keeping communities safe and functioning, with a total of $328.2 million across Pennsylvania.

“We all count on firefighters and police when there is an emergency,” DePasquale said during a meeting of the Pennsylvania Professional Firefighters Association. “They need to be able to count on us to help provide the resources they need to save lives and — when the time comes — to receive the pensions they earned through their hard work.”

The total $328.2 million in state aid went to 1,497 municipalities and regional departments to support pension plans covering police officers, paid firefighters and non-uniformed employees. Last year, municipalities and regional departments received $299.1 million in pension aid from the state.

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“This money is essential to help preserve the pension plans of people who dedicate their careers to public service,” DePasquale added, noting that Oct. 28 is National First Responders Day. “Without this state aid, local taxpayers would have to make up the difference to honor the commitments made to police, firefighters and other municipal workers.”

Earlier this month, DePasquale announced the release of nearly $60 million in state aid for volunteer firefighters’ relief associations (VFRAs). The money helps to save lives and protect property by funding equipment purchases, critical training and insurance for volunteer firefighters and emergency service providers.

The pension aid and VFRA funding comes from a 2 percent tax on fire and casualty insurance policies sold in Pennsylvania by out-of-state companies.

DePasquale urged Pennsylvania residents to generously support fundraising efforts by volunteer fire and EMS departments, noting that state aid does not cover all expenses.

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Review 2019 pension and VFRA funding details for all municipalities online at

Source: Pennsylvania Department of the Auditor General

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