AG Shapiro: Pennsylvania Communities Safer with New ‘Ghost Gun’ Regulations

violent crimeImage by Leo

PENNSYLVANIA — Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro released a statement applauding the new federal gun regulations that have gone into effect this week.

These new regulations will make it harder for criminals to obtain firearms, including so-called “ghost guns.” Ghost guns are firearms that have been assembled from kits and do not have serial numbers, making them difficult to track. Shapiro has been an advocate for stronger gun laws for years, and he believes that these new regulations will help make Pennsylvania communities safer.

“For years convicted felons, violent drug dealers, have all been able to buy these guns at gun shows without a background check,” Shapiro said. “With these new federal regulations taking effect today and being implemented in our Commonwealth, we are making it harder for gun kits to end up in the hands of criminals and easier for law enforcement to track crime guns in their investigations. All this helps make Pennsylvania communities safer.”

The new regulations require that all ghost guns be sold with a background check and serial number, and dealers must keep records of these sales. These changes will help law enforcement to trace ghost guns used in crimes, and hopefully deter criminals from obtaining them in the first place. Shapiro is urging all Pennsylvanians to support these new regulations and help make our communities safer.

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