$6.7 Million in Grants Awarded for 100+ Schools Across PA

Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE)

PENNSYLVANIA — The Pennsylvania Department of Education awarded $6.7 million to 100 school entities, enabling more high school students to enroll in dual credit programs across the state.

These programs will provide high school students with the opportunity to take advanced courses and earn college credits before graduating. This not only gives them a head start on their college careers, but also provides them with the necessary skills to succeed in their chosen fields. With this boost, Pennsylvania’s high school students are set to chart their own course towards fulfilling and successful careers.

“Dual credit programs help high school students get a jump start on their postsecondary coursework, build their confidence, and set them up for future success,” said Acting Secretary of Education Dr. Khalid N. Mumin. “When Governor Shapiro talks about giving students the freedom to chart their own course and the opportunities to succeed, this is what he means. By expanding dual credit opportunities across the Commonwealth, we will help more students access these programs, become exposed to new opportunities, and begin to chart their own course to successful and fulfilling careers.”

The list of awardees is available on PDE’s website here.

Dual credit programs are increasingly gaining popularity among students and educators. These types of programs facilitate learners with the opportunity to take college courses and gain credits, not only for high school but also for college. By doing so, dual credit programs help students hone their academic skills and prepare themselves for higher education.

Furthermore, dual credit programs serve as an excellent means of augmenting academic achievement, high school graduation rates, college enrollment numbers, and college completion rates. Additionally, participating in these programs proves beneficial to students in more ways than one, allowing them to save time and money during college years, helping them build a solid foundation for their future careers.

Recently, Governor Josh Shapiro proposed a 2023-24 budget that includes a $567 million increase in basic education funding and $60 million to support postsecondary education. This budget is a huge step toward a comprehensive solution to improve public schools, push education dollars out equitably, and invest in targeted solutions that meet the needs of students at every level.

To help every Pennsylvania student chart their own course, Governor Shapiro has also proposed a $17.3 million increase in Career and Technical Education in his 2023-24 budget. This includes a $3.3 million increase to the CTE Equipment Grant, $5 million increase to expand CTE programs related to computer science and STEM, and $2 million to partner industry professionals with teachers to help bring the trades back into our classrooms. These initiatives will ensure that all students, including those experiencing educational instability, those enrolled in career and technical education programs, low-income students, and historically underserved student groups can benefit from quality education programs.

For more information on the Pennsylvania Department of Education, visit its website.

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