Top Baby Names of 2022: Olivia and Liam Continue to Reign Supreme!

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According to the Social Security Administration’s 2022 baby name rankings, Olivia and Liam continue to reign as the nation’s most popular baby names. At six years in a row, Liam has demonstrated its staying power while Olivia’s popularity has spanned four years. The list of top 10 names saw one new addition this year with Luna coming in at the tenth spot for girls’ names.

It seems like the parents of new bundles of joy are continuing to opt for classic and timeless choices, as these baby names have consistently topped the charts for quite some time now. Whether it’s the appeal of tradition or simply a matter of personal preference, the love for names such as Olivia and Liam is clearly enduring.

Here are the top 10 boys’ and girls’ names for 2022:

Boys Girls
1. Liam 1. Olivia
2. Noah 2. Emma
3. Oliver 3. Charlotte
4. James 4. Amelia
5. Elijah 5. Sophia
6. William 6. Isabella
7. Henry 7. Ava
8. Lucas 8. Mia
9. Benjamin 9. Evelyn
10. Theodore 10. Luna
The Social Security Administration began compiling a baby names list in 1997, consisting of names that date back all the way to 1880. Every year, the list showcases the trends in naming based on popular culture. The inclusion of new names and the absence of others that may have been popular in the past signifies the ever-changing nature of society. By examining the baby names data, you can dive deep into the culture of each time period and uncover the trends and preferences that shaped society’s identity over the years.

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Here are the top five fastest-rising boys’ and girls’ names in 2022:

Boys Girls
1. Dutton 1. Wrenlee
2. Kayce 2. Neriah
3. Chosen 3. Arlet
4. Khaza 4. Georgina
5. Eithan 5. Amiri
Visit to explore the comprehensive collection of names and find out how their popularity has changed over the past century. Input your name, your friends’ names, and even your pets’ names. Delve into the data and discover fascinating trends in the evolution of names in the US.

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