Senator Bob Casey Expresses Solidarity with Striking United Auto Workers

US Senator Bob CaseyImage via the Office of US Senator Bob Casey

U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) has voiced his support for the United Auto Workers (UAW) currently on strike, urging the ‘Big 3′ auto manufacturers to negotiate fair deals that reflect workers’ contributions.

The UAW strike comes amidst a period of booming business for the auto industry, with profits soaring and CEOs enjoying substantial raises. However, the ‘Big 3’ manufacturers—General Motors, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler—are suggesting that resources are scarce, a claim that has raised eyebrows given the current market conditions.

In a statement released on Friday, Senator Casey said, “When the auto industry was struggling, UAW members voluntarily reduced their benefits to help these companies survive, and when the industry collapsed during the financial crisis, taxpayers bailed them out.”

He added, “Now as business is booming, profits are sky-high, and CEOs are being rewarded with double-digit raises—suddenly the Big 3 are claiming that the well has dried up.”

Senator Casey underscored the gravity of the decision to go on strike, highlighting the potential risks for workers, including the loss of healthcare and the possibility of never recovering the wages lost during the strike period. He emphasized that striking is always a last resort for workers.

The Pennsylvania Senator concluded his statement by expressing his solidarity with the striking workers. “I stand in solidarity with the United Auto Workers as they fight for their fair share. I urge the Big 3 to come to the table with offers that reflect what these workers deserve,” he said.

This ongoing labor dispute marks yet another chapter in the complex relationship between the UAW, the ‘Big 3’, and the broader auto industry. As negotiations continue, all eyes are on these industry giants to see how they respond to the demands of their workforce.

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