NextGen PAC Endorses Progressive Slate, Including Historic Candidate Keir Bradford-Grey for Pennsylvania Attorney General

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — NextGen PAC unveiled its first round of endorsements for progressive candidates across key battleground states, spotlighting Keir Bradford-Grey as a notable choice for Pennsylvania Attorney General. This endorsement aligns with NextGen PAC’s mission to mobilize the youth vote in support of Democratic contenders, aiming to sustain and amplify the momentum of progressive victories witnessed in recent election cycles.

Cristina Tzinzún Ramirez, President and Executive Director of NextGen PAC, emphasized the pivotal role young voters have played in shaping the political landscape, crediting their unprecedented turnout for securing significant progressive achievements. With the specter of MAGA Republican agendas looming, Ramirez articulated the organization’s commitment to endorsing candidates who champion the values and issues most critical to the younger electorate. This strategy emphasizes the importance of every race in the collective pursuit of a more equitable and just democracy.

The 2020 elections marked a watershed moment, with NextGen PAC’s efforts contributing to the highest youth voter participation in history. As the 2024 elections approach, the organization is doubling down on its campaign to empower young Americans, advocating for progressive candidates and policies that promise a brighter future.

Among the endorsed candidates, Keir Bradford-Grey stands out not only for her comprehensive legal background but also for the historical significance of her candidacy. A Boston native with an impressive tenure as chief public defender in both Montgomery County and Philadelphia, Bradford-Grey has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to reforming the criminal justice system. Her initiatives, such as the Pre-Entry Initiative and Participatory Defense Hubs, reflect a proactive approach to addressing systemic challenges and enhancing community engagement with the legal process.

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Bradford-Grey’s potential election as Pennsylvania’s first Black attorney general—and the first with a primary background in public defense—signals a transformative shift in the state’s legal landscape. Her vision extends beyond traditional law enforcement paradigms, focusing on consumer and financial protection, safeguarding abortion access, and reinforcing voting rights education for vulnerable populations.

With a platform centered on restoring security and safety for working families, Bradford-Grey’s campaign resonates with young voters seeking leaders who prioritize social justice and equity. Her emphasis on consumer protection and advocacy for marginalized communities aligns with the progressive values championed by NextGen PAC, making her candidacy a beacon for those advocating for systemic change.

As one of five Democrats vying for the party’s nomination in the primary election scheduled for April 23, 2024, Bradford-Grey’s campaign benefits from the national spotlight provided by NextGen PAC’s endorsement. This support not only amplifies her message but also elevates the discourse around the role of the attorney general in championing the rights and well-being of all citizens.

NextGen PAC‘s strategic endorsements in battleground states, including Bradford-Grey’s candidacy, highlight the significance of the youth vote in shaping the future of American democracy. By rallying behind candidates committed to progressive reforms and social justice, NextGen PAC aims to harness the power of young voters to effect meaningful change at both the state and national levels.

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