DLCC Launches $10 Million “Summer of the States” Campaign to Bolster Key Legislative Races

Summer of the States

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Monday, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) announced the launch of its “Summer of the States” campaign, committing $10 million to boost key state legislative candidates and campaigns across the country. This unprecedented investment aims to strengthen the Democratic presence in state legislatures and counteract the influence of former President Donald Trump and his allies.

The DLCC’s initiative targets states where strong legislative campaigns are essential for conveying the Democratic Party’s message and protecting democracy. This move marks the first time the DLCC has made such an early and substantial call to action, emphasizing the critical nature of state-level races.

Countering the MAGA Agenda

Republican donors are heavily investing in state and local races to bolster Trump’s agenda and establish a network of MAGA allies in state legislatures. The DLCC argues that if this strategy succeeds, it could have severe consequences for democracy and fundamental rights.

“With our democracy and fundamental freedoms on the line, the Summer of the States is the critical window to make key investments and build the infrastructure needed for Democrats to push past Republican efforts and boost our chances for victory in November,” said Heather Williams, President of the DLCC. “As Donald Trump and his allies pour millions of dollars to solidify their power in the states and enact a MAGA agenda, we are raising the alarm to ensure Democrats and their allies invest in this important level of the ballot.”

Importance of State-Level Races

State legislatures play a crucial role in shaping policies that directly affect citizens’ lives. From voting rights to healthcare, the decisions made at the state level can have far-reaching implications. By investing in these races, the DLCC aims to ensure that Democratic values are represented and that policies harmful to democracy and fundamental rights are challenged.

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The DLCC highlights the cost-effectiveness of investing in state-level campaigns compared to federal races. Williams noted that “for a fraction of what is spent on federal races, we can harness state-level power to keep Donald Trump out of the White House and stop his MAGA agenda in the states.”

Building a Strong Foundation

The “Summer of the States” campaign includes the launch of a new microsite featuring key target races, spotlight candidates, and updates throughout the summer. This initiative is part of the DLCC’s long-term strategy to build power at the state level and create a robust infrastructure for future elections.

Democrats have seen consistent overperformance in state legislatures since the start of President Biden’s term. The DLCC’s investments aim to continue this trend and ensure that state-level campaigns receive the resources they need to succeed.

DLCC’s $10M Push for State Power

The stakes for the upcoming elections are high. With democracy and fundamental freedoms at risk, the DLCC’s investment in state legislative races is seen as a vital step in countering the influence of Trump’s MAGA movement. Strengthening Democratic power at the state level can help safeguard democratic institutions and protect the rights of citizens.

The success of the “Summer of the States” campaign could have significant implications for the 2024 elections and beyond. By focusing on state legislatures, the DLCC aims to create a foundation for Democratic victories at all levels of government. This approach not only addresses immediate challenges but also builds long-term resilience against efforts to undermine democracy.

In summary, the DLCC’s $10 million “Summer of the States” campaign represents a strategic effort to fortify Democratic power in state legislatures. As the political landscape continues to evolve, this initiative underscores the importance of state-level races in shaping the future of the nation.

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