Knock, Knock… Iron Hill’s Dad’s Got Jokes Juicy Lager Has Arrived

Dad’s Got Jokes Juicy LagerSubmitted Image

EXTON, PA — What is the definition of a balanced diet? A beer in each hand. Join Iron Hill Brewery as they celebrate the kings of corny with the all-new Dad’s Got Jokes Juicy Lager. This isn’t your father’s lawnmower lager, because this one was brewed with actual dad jokes. That’s right, Iron Hill collected the silliest one-liners from dads and dad joke enthusiasts via social media then spelled them out in malt, flaked oats, and hops as their team of brewers created this comical concoction.

Iron Hill cranked up the juicy factor on this beer by fermenting it with Omega’s Lunar Crush yeast to layer in tropical fruit notes to complement those big citrus notes of the American and New Zealand hops. You’ll be sure to crack up while cracking one open.

Dad’s Got Jokes Juicy Lager was released in 16oz cans as well as on draft at all Iron Hill locations today, June 15. Additionally, Iron Hill will offer a special Hoppy Father’s Day menu featuring delectable dishes paired with puns and their finest craft beers starting today, June 15 until Sunday, June 18.

Hoppy Father’s Day menu includes:

  • Grilled Watermelon Salad $10
    Baby greens, crumbled goat cheese, toasted almonds, honey-lemon vinaigrette
    Pairs well with Homestead Farmhouse Ale
    Why did one melon break up with the other melon? He didn’t know water problem was.
  • Scallops & Bacon $12
    Sweetcorn fricassee, spiced honey
    Pairs well with Philly Phavorite IPA
    How do seahorses get around? They scallop.
  • BBQ Baby Back Ribs $17 half, $25 full
    Barbeque sauce, baked beans, citrus slaw, roasted poblano cornbread
    Pairs well with Vienna Red Lager
    What kind of grill does a spider barbeque on? A Weber.
  • Char-Grilled Hanger Steak $26.5
    Spanish rice, peppers and onions, salsa verde, grilled tortilla
    Pairs well with Dad’s Got Jokes Juicy Lager
    If you can’t take the heat of my dad jokes, get out of my grill.
  • Bourbon Peach Cheesecake Mousse $7
    Caramel sauce, peach brûlée, whipped cream
    Pairs well with Pig Iron Porter
    I have Abs…olutely no self-control when it comes to dessert.

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