Tower Health Physicians Share Inspirations for National Doctors’ Day

Haleh Van Vliet and Luke KusmirekHaleh Van Vliet and Luke Kusmirek (Submitted Images)

POTTSTOWN, PA — Tower Health doctors work alongside patients every day, ordering tests, talking with families, and saving lives. Their dedicated work, diligence, and relationships are critical for successful patient outcomes. Tower Health encourages the community to recognize and thank doctors for their dedication on March 30, National Doctors’ Day.

Tower Health doctors are known for their compassionate, personalized, and attentive care. That is because the health of their patients is their priority, and their journey becomes intertwined with their lifelong dedication to healing. Their patients are the reason our doctors continue to practice.

Emergency Medicine, and then Street Medicine, is an opportunity to serve those in crisis while also positioning myself to be a strong advocate for social change, said Halen Van Vliet, MD, Medical Director, Pottstown Street Medicine and Emergency Medicine physician at Pottstown Hospital. “My parents and older sisters nourished a deep understanding of the injustices in the world while also fostering my belief that things can improve. Ultimately, I hope to leave the world at least a slightly better place than it might have been without me and understand what it means to be human.”

S. Luke Kusmirek, MD, Chief, Division of Cardiology at Phoenixville Hospital said, “I started off as a philosophy student before I landed in medical school. Once there, I became more focused on the practical applications of the medical sciences and later chose the field of cardiology based on its immediate and profound impact on the often critically ill patient.”

Anthony Donato, MD, Internal Medicine, Reading Hospital, shared, “I became a doctor to play my part in another’s struggle and offer the gift of healing that might mend a body and patch a soul.” Bernice Robinson-Bennett, MD, Chief, Division of Gynecologic Oncology, added, “I knew that I wanted to serve in the field of medicine to help others maintain or regain their health. To me it has been a calling that I look forward to each day with humility and reverence. I am thankful for the patients who entrust their care and lives to us.”

P. Sue Perrotty, Tower Health president and CEO said, “Our physicians are known for the clinical excellence, compassion, and high-quality care they provide patients. I thank them today, and every day, for following their calling to heal and choosing to share their talents with Tower Health and the individuals in our community.”

Doctors’ Day was first celebrated in 1933 in Winder, Georgia by Dr. Charles B. Almond’s wife, Eudora Brown Almond. She wanted a way to recognize physicians for their hard-work and organized the community to send greeting cards and place red carnations on the graves of deceased doctors. March 30 was chosen to honor the anniversary of the first surgery in which ether anesthesia was used by Dr. Charles Long. On February 21, 1991, President George H.W. Bush proclaimed National Doctors’ Day.

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