Vesteck, Inc. Successfully Completes Five Clinical Cases


WEST CHESTER, PA — VESTECK, Inc. recently announced the successful completion of 2 additional clinical cases with the “SUTURE-TIGHT”™ device.

VESTECK, Inc., Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Venkatesh Ramaiah along with Dr. Bao Bui, performed 2 EVAR procedures with the “SUTURE-TIGHT”™ catheter, helping patients number 4 and 5 in Sherbrook, Canada.

In these two endovascular aortic aneurysm repairs (EVAR), the “SUTURE-TIGHT”™ device was used to quickly, safely and easily secure the EVAR grafts to the aorta during these initial patient implants. Clinicians were able to secure EVAR grafts manufactured by two different commercial companies.

Dr. Venkatesh Ramaiah, is the Chief and Network Director of Complex Vascular Services at Honor Health, Phoenix AZ. For over 15 years, Dr. Ramaiah was the Chief of Vascular Surgery at the famous AZ Heart Hospital.

Dr. Ramaiah shared his impressions, “the “SUTURE-TIGHT”™ catheter is an elegant technology that fulfills what surgeons and interventionalists have been looking for to solve an unmet need in the endovascular treatment of Aortic Aneurysms. “SUTURE-TIGHT”™ delivers sutures to fixate the endograft to the aortic wall and thus prevent migration or dislodgement almost mimicking open surgery.”

Dr. Ramaiah continued, “Joe Rafferty, the CEO of VESTECK contacted me in 2019, asking for my opinion on the technology and the extent of the EVAR/TEVAR clinical problems. I have used this device now preclinically and clinically with patients. In my opinion, VESTECK has a tool here that physicians need and will embrace.”

Dr. Bao Bui, is an Interventional Radiologist specializing in aortic endovascular repair at CHUS Hospital Fleurmont Sherbrooke, Quebec. Dr. Bui, “I am elated” after completing his 3rd case with the “SUTURE-TIGHT”™ catheter.

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“The “SUTURE-TIGHT”™ is a very simple, straightforward device, a very easy-to-use catheter. This is my third clinical case with the “SUTURE-TIGHT”™ catheter. I am further convinced that “SUTURE-TIGHT”™ will be an important device for endovascular physicians around the world,” Dr. Bui commented.

VESTECK CEO, Joe Rafferty commented, “Implanting physicians’ are providing wonderful feedback, easy to use, elegantly simple, straightforward delivery, fits smoothly into our current workflow, should be used on every EVAR/TEVAR, a much-needed tool, addressing a significant unmet patient need.”

“These two cases bring VESTECK to a total of 5 clinical cases performed by 4 different physicians.”

“In 14 months, COO Kent Stalker, CTO Ted Wulfman and their engineering/R&D teams essentially created and brought this world-class device to the clinical environment. I sincerely appreciate their hard work and fantastic results.”

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