The Advocate: Supporting the Patient Voice Releases 2022/2023 US Focused Patient Advocacy Report

The Advocate: Supporting the Patient Voice

WEST CHESTER, PA — The Advocate & The Brooks Group recently shared the results of The Advocate: Supporting the Patient Voice’s latest report on US-focused patient advocacy. The report dives into the feedback received from patient advocacy organizations (PAOs) and professional associations (PAs) and their relationship with the healthcare community. The 2022/2023 report includes new players for evaluation by the PAOs and PAs, such as Payers, Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Specialty Pharmacies, Medical Device Companies, and Genomics Laboratories. “We are committed to supporting these organizations, patients, and caregivers and look forward to continued collaboration,” noted Matt Toresco, Editor-in-Chief of The Advocate.

The Advocate’s report covers important topics and trends that affect patients, along with data on how Patient Advocacy Organizations (PAOs) and Patient Advocates (PAs) prefer to interact with the healthcare industry. This information will assist stakeholders in identifying new and innovative ways to collaborate with PAOs/PAs in enhancing healthcare for all patients. The Advocate extends gratitude to its numerous sponsors in the pharmaceutical community, as well as the respondents who provided their valuable feedback and time to make this report a reality.

This year’s report includes key research areas that include stack ranking, such as the following:

  • Healthcare organizations leading in Advancing Patient Treatment
  • Healthcare organizations leading in Patient/Professional Group Relations
  • Healthcare organizations leading in Programmatic & Policy Support Efforts
  • Healthcare organizations leading in Corporate Reputation
  • Healthcare organizations leading in Corporate Compliance Engagement

In this year’s report, The Advocate evaluated many key metrics for patient advocates & patients alike. The Advocate’s Editor-in-Chief commented on a few organizations & data reflected within the report:

  • “Janssen remained the top patient advocacy organization, earning first place rankings in five out of six categories and a third place ranking in another. This achievement is attributed to the leadership of John Hoffman and Melia Becker, who have established Janssen as a market leader for almost ten years. Janssen is praised for its exceptional support, dedication to patients, and personalized approach to managing relationships with PAOs and PAs.”
  • “Eli Lilly experienced significant growth over the year. They started with only 3 top 5 finishes but were later ranked in the top five for all six benchmarked measurements according to the respondents.”
  • “According to this year’s report, Merck and BMS performed well and ranked 4th and 5th overall in the aggregate rankings.”
  • “Amgen, though experiencing much change over the past year, continued to how strong community engagement and a commitment to ensuring in transparency in all areas of their outreach, including corporate compliance.”
  • “AstraZeneca, while facing headwinds compared to previous years and team changes internally, ranked 10th or better in all 6 stack-ranked areas.”
  • Some noteworthy organizations in the rankings are Sanofi Aventis, which experienced significant improvements, Astellas leading in Urology/Men’s Health, and Pfizer, a consistent top performer.
  • “Finally, we would like to acknowledge the efforts of organizations such as Kaiser Permanente, Aetna/CVS, and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield for their increased focus on patient advocacy and understanding the patient journey.”
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The primary objective of The Advocate: Supporting the Patient Voice is to prioritize patients in healthcare decision-making. By conducting research, The Advocate and The Brooks Group aim to better understand the interaction between the for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare sectors to identify and address patient needs and concerns. Our organization is also committed to providing information on a range of topics, including telemedicine, the Inflation Reduction Act, Health Disparities, Social Determinants of Health, Patient Focused Medicine Develop, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

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