Neuronetics Employee Patient Shares Personal Depression Experiences

DepressionImage by Daniel Reche
In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, employees who have found depression relief with NeuroStar Advanced Therapy for Mental Health use their voice to help others

MALVERN, PA — Neuronetics, Inc. (NASDAQ: STIM), a commercial stage medical technology company focused on patients who suffer from psychiatric disorders, is honoring the depression journeys of its employees and all those who suffer from depression in observance of Mental Health Awareness Month.

Depression is a disease that does not discriminate and currently impacts more than 17.3 million American adults1, with rates rapidly rising as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. New research shows as many as 1 in 3 COVID-19 survivors suffer from neurological or mental disorders, with 13 percent of patients diagnosed for the first time, most often with depression or anxiety2. As the mental health pandemic continues to gain momentum, Neurostar employees are working more passionately than ever to encourage open and honest conversation about mental health and educate the community about NeuroStar Advanced Therapy for Mental Health, a proven, non-drug, non-invasive treatment for adults with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). These employees have personally undergone NeuroStar treatments and are using their experiences to help educate individuals in their communities who need it now more than ever.

“Mental Health Awareness Month is especially poignant this year as we continue to address the emotional toll of a global pandemic,” said Keith J. Sullivan, President and CEO of Neuronetics. “We are proud to showcase the devotion of our employees who believe so deeply in this Company and in NeuroStar Advanced Therapy, because they’ve seen for themselves the impact it can have. Our patients are also our people, and we applaud their desire to openly share their raw experiences in hope of inspiring others to seek the help they need and deserve.”

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Several employees are leading the charge, drawing upon their own NeuroStar treatment journeys to educate both providers and patients. Bridget, Eric and Cara are employee patient advocates striving to build awareness:

  • Bridget is a NeuroStar Practice Consultant-turned-patient advocate whose depression began when she was a teenager and persisted into adulthood. During the height of the pandemic, a year after she began working at NeuroStar, her depression worsened, and she made the decision to try NeuroStar Advanced Therapy for herself. “I am a perfect example of what an invisible struggle depression can be. So many of my colleagues were surprised to hear of my depression because I was highly functional and seemingly had it all together,” said Bridget. “Deep down I was in a constant mental fog and dreaded getting up each morning. After treatment, I am motivated and eager to start my days. I’m living proof for the patients I work with that NeuroStar can change lives – it changed my life and the life of my entire family.”
  • Eric is a NeuroStar patient from Los Angeles, CA so motivated by his experience that he sought out an opportunity to work as a Practice Consultant for the Company he credits with changing his life. After 2010 surgical complications left Eric on life support, he struggled to recover for years, ultimately falling into a deep depression. When antidepressants failed, he was referred to NeuroStar Advanced Therapy and began treatment a few years ago.“ About two weeks into my treatment, something clicked. I felt motivated again. I walked out of my appointment and said to myself ‘I’m going to work for this company someday,’” said Eric. “NeuroStar gave me the relief I needed to become a better father, sibling and co-parent. Being a true believer has made me better at my job and allowed me to more empathetically expand mental health awareness as I educate practices and patients.”
  • Cara, a NeuroStar Clinical Training Consultant from Texas, is another patient-turned-employee who suffered from treatment-resistant depression for almost twenty years. After unsuccessful trials with countless antidepressants, Cara found relief from her symptoms through NeuroStar Advanced Therapy. Her energy and motivation soon returned, and her passion for the treatment led her to pursue a career at NeuroStar. “I’m able to relate to patients on a whole new level, because I’ve been in their shoes,” said Cara. “I think we all carry a backpack around with us each day – we all have our own personal loads to carry, but those of us with depression have heavy bricks in our bags. Thanks to NeuroStar, the bricks in my bag are gone, and my hope is I can help others understand that the same outcome is possible for them.”
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These personal journeys showcase how far-reaching depression can be, and how motivated those who have overcome the disease are to tell their stories in the hope of supporting others. Neuronetics remains dedicated this month and every month to encouraging powerful conversations, educating patients and providers, and celebrating the brave faces of Neuronetics employees who passionately live the Company’s mission each day.

More than 3.5 million NeuroStar treatments have been delivered across nearly 1,000 practice locations in the U.S., and the NeuroStar footprint continues to expand. For more information about NeuroStar Advanced Therapy, visit

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