Exton’s Frontage Laboratories Offering COVID-19 RT-PCR and IgM (Antibody) Testing with Fast Turnaround

EXTON, PA — Frontage Labs has successfully launched an outstanding new initiative in support of both the local community and the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Frontage Labs’ highly experienced central lab team has successfully developed COVID-19 RT-PCR and IgM testing capability at their headquarters located at 700 Pennsylvania Drive in Exton, PA. These platforms have proven to be highly reliable and are nationally recognized as essential tools in managing the spread of the novel coronavirus. Frontage Labs believes it is their duty to contribute to the country’s fight against the virus and are proud of their team of physicians and medical technologists who have answered the call.

As part of their testing capabilities, Frontage Labs is conducting RT-PCR (nucleic acid) testing on nasopharyngeal swab specimens and IgM antibody testing on fingerstick blood specimens. Frontage Labs is one of the few labs in the region which can provide fast turnaround time results for these tests.  They anticipate that their services will be of value to local governments, large corporations, school districts, airlines, etc., as well as individuals for their COVID-19 testing needs. Frontage Labs’ personnel operate under extensive safety protocols, which have been rigorously developed and implemented.

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“We are proud of our highly experienced team who has successfully developed this innovative testing capability and truly believe our efforts of fighting against the COVID-19 will benefit our community.”  Dr. John Lin, EVP & Global Head, Bioanalytical and Biologics Services at Frontage stated.

To learn more about Frontage Labs’ testing services or to participate in the testing, visit https://www.frontagelab.com/covid-19-information/.

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  1. Owned by China. Is not covid from china.. too?? Hmmm. Heard the tests were faulty. Glad the taxpayers of Chester County PA paid for those, courtesy of our county commisioners. Hmm. And what ever happened to the Chester County County China Initative, started back in 2013 by then County COmmisioner Terrence Ferrel? I think another commisioner worked with him back then, and is still a current commsioner today? What is her name again? Hmmmm. And does Chester still have sister agreements in China? Other than local lawyers? What about the Mushroom farm agreement in China between a Kenett Square business and China? And didn’t Gov Wolf and local reps and execs meeting with the General Counsel Huing Ping back in AUGUST OF 2019??? Wow.. seems like PA and Chester and other counties really like doing business with China. And didn’t Secretary Pompeo warn Govs and Gov Wolf about doing business with China, oh back in Feb 2020?? Could that be why we are in lockdown, like say the other blue states with ties to China? All really great questions.. if you are brave enough to want the truth. At least start here: https://www.frontagelab.com/about/locations/

    Chinas location is at the bottom of the page.. just fyi.

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