Coatesville VA Medical Center Piloting New VEText Feature, Adds Safe Check-in Option

Coatesville VA Medical Center Piloting New VEText Feature, Adds Safe Check-in Option

COATESVILLE, PACoatesville VA Medical Center is piloting a new VEText feature called VEText Patient Tracking, allowing a patient to check-in for scheduled appointments from the safety of their vehicle.

An interactive mobile solution already in use, VEText reminds patients of upcoming appointments via text messaging and was developed by Veterans Health Administration to offer Veterans a quick and easy way to confirm and/or cancel appointments.

To use the Patient Tracking feature of VEText, a patient sends the text message “here” to the number “53079”, using a cellphone on file in their electronic health record, once they have arrived in the parking lot of the facility where they have a scheduled appointment. This notifies the care team that the patient is at the facility waiting to be called to their appointment.

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The patient will receive an auto-response from VEText acknowledging the check-in and a request to await further instructions. Once the provider is ready to see the individual, the patient will receive another message letting them know it is okay to proceed to the appointment.

If the patient experiences problems with VEText or has additional questions, they can call the Coatesville VA Medical Center scheduling line at 610-383-0239 and speak with a staff member.

Veterans who don’t have a cellphone with texting capability will be directed by staff, located at building entrances, to an identified waiting area or the proper clinic.

VEText only works for VA health care appointments at the patient’s local medical center and outpatient clinics.  Veterans will not receive text message reminders for appointments in Lab, Community Care, Research, Telephone Clinics, and HBPC. These text messages are in addition to and do not replace the letters and automated phone calls Veterans already receive for appointment reminders.

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VEText Patient Tracking joins a growing number of initiatives at the Coatesville VA Medical Center designed to keep Veterans safe by reducing the amount of time spent in large gathering spaces like waiting rooms.

Additionally, VA Video Connect allows Veterans and their caregivers to meet virtually with their VA care teams on any computer, tablet, or mobile device, with an internet connection and accounts for more than 9,500 appointments since March.

Coatesville VA Medical Center also offers 16 weeks of free online access to live yoga, tai chi, qigong and meditation instruction through Ompractice.

Visit the VEText FAQs page for more information about this service.

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