Rep. Houlahan Joins MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” to Discuss Ukrainians’ Resolve Against Putin’s Invasion

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Tuesday night, Representative Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA) joined MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” to discuss the latest developments regarding Putin’s invasion into Ukraine and her takeaways from meeting with Ukrainians a few weeks ago. Below are excerpts from her interview.

On Ukrainians’ History with Despots like Putin

“My father was born in Lviv, which is a town part of Ukraine, but actually when he was born there, it was a town part of Poland. So, this is part of the history of this part of the world that every generation or so, sadly, different autocrats and different dictators trounce over these people and you can understand why they have become very hardened and very hearty people and very defiant, understandably. I’m enormously proud of my heritage and enormously devastated to see history repeating itself literally and very much thinking about the people whom I was with just a few weeks ago in the places you’ve just been showing. Freedom Square, I stood at Freedom Square about three and a half weeks ago and to know that people have shed blood there recently is just devastating.”

On Putin’s Unprovoked, Premeditated Invasion

“I’m remembering back to when I was in Ukraine a few weeks ago, and I was able to sit with a young woman named Oksana who took us, our Congressional delegation, out to dinner and ordered a bunch of different delicious Ukrainian dishes like borcht and like golumpki. But after that we went out with a bunch of her friends and they talked with great bravado about how they were going to stand and fight, and I sort of passed that off as just bravado, but now I understand and now I am thinking of them, hoping that they’re okay and alive and fighting. I think that is where my heart is right now, is hoping that’s the case.

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“In terms of the preparation of the Russian military, we should not underestimate the Russian military. There are many, many of them and they far outnumber, in terms of their resources, the Ukrainian people. We should not underestimate Putin’s ability to wreak havoc on the people of Ukraine with, as we’ve seen, weapons that are arguably weapons of destruction that are not allowed to be leveed on civilians. So please don’t underestimate him. Let’s not take joy in the fact that he’s seemingly stalled out because all it takes is a good day and we have to continue to have strong days, the Ukrainian people and our allies.”

Watch the above excerpts here. Watch the full interview here.

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