Pennsylvania Senate Republicans Retain Majority

Pennsylvania Election

PENNSYLVANIA — Republicans in Pennsylvania’s State Senate will retain their majority for the 2023-24 legislative session. Currently, election returns indicate that Republicans will return 28 Members to the Senate, resulting in a 28-22 majority.

Contributing to that majority was Senate Republicans sweeping three key swing open seats in eastern Pennsylvania. All 3 of these districts were decided by less than 1 point when looking at 2020 Presidential results. Those three districts are:

  • SD-6: Republican Frank Farry defeats Democrat Ann Marie Mitchell by 10%
  • SD-24: Republican Tracy Pennycuick defeats Democrat Jill Dennin by 5%
  • SD-40: Republican Rosemary Brown Defeats Democrat Jennifer Shukaitis by 11%

In addition, all incumbent Republicans running for re-election were victorious. These candidates routinely over-performed the partisan balance of their districts.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward offered the following statement on Tuesday’s results: “Tuesday’s results send a loud and clear message. Pennsylvanians are supportive of the State Senate Republican majority, and they expect us to be the firewall to the failed Biden-Democrat agenda here in the Commonwealth. Our candidates ran strong campaigns highlighting their accomplishments and plans for the future, and the results reflect that. Our Senate Majority is ready to get to work to help Pennsylvanians struggling through high inflation, rising energy costs, and rampant crime.”

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