How to Download the Full Flynn Report Now

united states capitolImage via Pixabay

WEST CHESTER, PA — Everett Stern has made the 231-page Flynn Report document available as a free download on his Substack channel

The report which has been submitted to the DOJ (Department of Justice) details alleged attempts by the Patriot Caucus, headed by Michael Flynn, to blackmail and exhort Republican politicians to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential Election and their ongoing efforts to lay the groundwork that could shape the outcome of future elections. The report contains photos, legal filings, text messages and other correspondence related to an attempt to have Stern’s private intelligence company Tactical Rabbit reportedly find compromising information on current members of the US Congress and Senate and use it to pressure them. Stern has previously testified before the January 6th Committee.

The Patriot Caucus is a nationwide network of right-wing groups, such as the Oath Keepers, with thousands of branches numbering millions of followers across the United States. They are allegedly being organized and mobilized by General Flynn.

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The document details the reported role played by non-profits controlled by Flynn to channel funds to political campaigns of candidates supportive of their agenda seeking public office. Part of that agenda is believed to have these candidates, if elected, change State election laws. “What they are seeking to do is undermine US democracy and replace it with an autocracy, it amounts to treason,” said Stern.

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