Governor Shapiro Signs Game-Changing Bills for Fairness, Sustainability, and Security

Pennsylvania Capitol

HARRISBURG, PA — In a leap towards consumer fairness, environmental sustainability and digital security, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro signed into law six new bills on Friday. They will see the state make significant strides in policy changes, enriching the quality of life for residents.

Firstly, House Bill 109 brings a compassionate touch to legislation, easing the burden on grieving families by eliminating early termination fees on various contracts, including cable television, cellular and other telecommunication services, utilities, and vehicle leases in the event of death. This means that families undergoing the painful process of loss can close a loved one’s accounts without financial penalty, providing one less worry during a challenging time.

Similarly groundbreaking is House Bill 1333, an amendment to the 1961 Stuffed Toy Manufacturing Act. For the first time in more than six decades, the legislature is catching up to societal shifts towards more sustainable consumer choices. This change enables the use of recycled materials in stuffed toys, acknowledging the increasing consumer preference for sustainable products and manufacturers’ goals of green operations. By doing so, Pennsylvania joins the rest of the country in adopting a more environmentally conscious stance in its toy markets.

Meanwhile, House Bill 1818, which amends the 1982 Self-Service Storage Facility Act, offers an added protection layer for facility owners. Owners now have the option to post public advertisements about sales on Internet websites, a move that provides a safeguard if newspaper advertisements fail to publish or contain errors.

Professional engineers in Pennsylvania also stand to benefit from Senate Bill 403, which removes existing barriers to licensure. This update to the 1945 Engineer, Land Surveyor and Geologist Registration Law aligns Pennsylvania’s policies closer with the national model law, creating a smoother path for those pursuing these vital fields.

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The spotlight also shines on digital security with Senate Bill 824. This bill strengthens the state’s Breach of Personal Information Act, affording residents access to free credit reports and monitoring services in the wake of a data breach. As our societies move further into the digital age, protections such as these are crucial in safeguarding citizens from cyber threats.

Lastly, Senate Bill 887 amends the regulation of cemetery companies, doing away with certain deposit and registration requirements for municipalities and counties. This change simplifies procedures for these bodies, allowing them to dedicate their full attention to serving their communities efficiently.

Each of these new laws reflects the changing needs and concerns of our modern society and will ultimately help to maintain fairness, foster sustainability and provide peace of mind for the people of Pennsylvania.

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