Chester County District Attorney Announces Law Enforcement Task Force on Race and Justice

Chester County District Attorney Deb Ryan

WEST CHESTER, PA — The Chester County District Attorney announced the formation of the Chester County Law Enforcement Task Force of Race and Justice.

The task force will include members from the Fraternal Order of Police, The Cheifs of Police Association, the Pennsylvania State Police, the Sherrif’s Department, the NAACP, community members, and others involved in the criminal justice system.

District Attorney Deb Ryan stated, “This task force will focus to improve relationships with and treatment of communities of color with law enforcement as well as criminal justice reform to ensure just outcomes for all people equally.

“We will work together to reexamine our policies and protocols and to review our training so that we can uncover and address problems with systematic racism in the criminal justice system,” Ryan continued. “Our goal is to engage in open and honest dialogues with the community, and each other, to facilitate the best practices moving forward.”

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Specifically, the task force will review law enforcement policies and protocols throughout the county on the use of force, and work to provide and improve training on, among other things, de-escalation and implicit bias.

Additionally, the task force will look at mechanisms to improve accountability at all levels and will review and examine hiring practices, including red flag reforms, to improve transparency.

Finally, the task force will study and review legislation proposed on policing reforms.

Law enforcement has already begun dialogues with community members on these topics and will continue to engage in community outreach indefinitely throughout the county.

Additionally, the District Attorney’s Office has created its own internal Racial and Diversity Workgroup that consists of several subcommittees on training, community outreach and criminal justice reform.

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The office will also implement conviction integrity review of cases where there is a claim of true innocence.

“This is only a first step and we recognize that many stakeholders must be involved if we want to effectuate real change. Our hope is that by listening to members of the community and discussing their concerns we can create actionable items to improve our system. This will take time, but we are committed to continuing our efforts to make improvements to ensure justice for all,” Ryan concluded.

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Diane L Leiper BSN RN
Diane L Leiper BSN RN
June 28, 2020 3:37 pm

I expect the DAs Office to focus on current court business of FALSE PFAs and file immediate perjury charges in cases where the PFA plaintiff has called in a false claim for Emergency PFA, writes down false claims obtaining a Temporary PFA and in court gives false testimony during the PFA Hearing in front of a Judge and witnesses. This plaintiff protection is unjust, totally unjust, places fraud upon the court and a free ticket to pass the word to others that it’s pretty easy to get away with a felony in Chester County PA.

Diane L Leiper BSN RN
Diane L Leiper BSN RN
June 28, 2020 4:01 pm

what happened to my comment ?

Diane L Leiper BSN RN
Diane L Leiper BSN RN
June 28, 2020 4:10 pm

The DAs Office ought to file perjury charges against PFA plaintiffs who under oath have called in a False Emergency PFA Report, written down False PFA Claims and obtain a Temporary PFA and at the PFA Hearing, under the supervision of a Judged and witnesses, provide False PFA Testimony. This plaintiff protection is unjust and only serves to encourage passing the word to others that you can commit a felony in Chester County Court and no action will be taken against you.