Eugene Levy Attends the World Premiere of “The Mushroom Man Who Changed the World” in West Chester

CCHC eventSubmitted Images

WEST CHESTER, PA — Saturday night was a star-studded event at the Chester County History Center (CCHC) as Eugene Levy, the beloved Canadian actor and comedian of American Pie fame, took part in the world premiere of “The Mushroom Man Who Changed the World” — a documentary that sheds light on the life of West Chester chemist G. Raymond Rettew. As we discovered during the screening, Rettew achieved greatness when he invented a method to mass-produce penicillin – an incredible discovery that has had far-reaching implications for our global community. Through this heartfelt and riveting film, viewers are able to gain insight into the man who altered history and his profound love for his hometown, its people, and its culture.

Rettew was a brilliant chemist driven by a selfless desire to find the solution to the mass production of penicillin. The results of his years of research have been described as one of the most significant scientific discoveries of their time, helping to change the course of modern medicine forever. His methods helped save the lives of tens of thousands of wounded American and Allied troops during World War II.

The documentary sheds light on the life-saving discovery made by Rettew, while also highlighting his passion, motivation, and tireless efforts that greatly aided the war efforts during World War II. Rettew, who spawned the mushroom industry in America, turned his work into a groundbreaking discovery. Moreover, it tells a story of devotion to his hometown of West Chester and its people. It’s a story of a town and county that united to achieve what seemed impossible- changing the course of medical history.

The event holds great significance not only for the History Center but also for the medical and scientific community and the city of West Chester. The pioneering and innovative work of G. Raymond Rettew has cemented his place in the history of Chester County and the entire nation, which is a theme being celebrated in America250.

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