Chief Joel Fitzgerald Elected President of FBI-LEEDA

President Chief Joel Fitzgerald (Denver, CO; Regional Transportation District)Submitted Image

MALVERN, PA — Philadelphia native Chief Joel Fitzgerald has been elected President of the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (FBI-LEEDA). The organization, based in Malvern, serves the training needs of law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Chief Fitzgerald’s career is marked by several historic firsts. He has held the rank of Chief of Police five times and was the first African American to do so in each organization. Over the next year, Fitzgerald will lead FBI-LEEDA in advancing best practices in law enforcement leadership for its 60,000 members globally.

Fitzgerald holds a B.S. in Liberal Arts from Villanova University. He began his policing career in 1992 with the Philadelphia Police Department, where he served in various ranks over 17 years. He currently serves as Chief of Police and Emergency Management for the Regional Transportation District in Denver, CO.

The FBI-LEEDA announced its new executive board at the 32nd Annual Executive Training Conference in San Antonio, TX. Alongside Fitzgerald, Chief TiRynn Hamblin was named Sergeant at Arms for the 2024-2025 term. Other board members include Sheriff Lon Thiele, Chief Christopher Workman, Chief Torrie James, and past President Chief Donna McNamara.

“We are thrilled to welcome Chief Fitzgerald as President of FBI-LEEDA and Chief Hamblin as Sergeant at Arms,” said Jacques S. Battiste, Executive Director of FBI-LEEDA. “Their leadership experiences have provided them with the expertise necessary to effectively lead our organization.”

Fitzgerald has served on FBI-LEEDA’s Executive Board since 2019 when he was elected Sergeant at Arms. His appointment as President is a significant milestone in his career. “I am truly honored to serve this esteemed organization as President,” said Fitzgerald. “Together with our Executive Board, instructors, and staff, I look forward to leading our efforts in providing world-class leadership training for law enforcement agencies across the globe.”

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Chief TiRynn Hamblin, now Sergeant at Arms, serves as Chief of Police for the Rangely Police Department in Colorado. Under his leadership, Rangely’s command staff earned the FBI-LEEDA Agency Trilogy Award. Hamblin is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Public Service and Public Policy at Arizona State University.

“Serving as Sergeant at Arms for FBI-LEEDA is an honor,” said Hamblin. “I look forward to promoting FBI-LEEDA’s mission of advancing the best law enforcement leadership practices throughout my tenure.”

Enhancing Law Enforcement Leadership: A New Era at FBI-LEEDA

The election of Fitzgerald and Hamblin marks a new chapter for FBI-LEEDA. Their combined expertise promises to enhance the organization’s efforts in developing effective law enforcement leaders. Leadership training in law enforcement is crucial, especially in today’s complex social landscape. Effective leaders can drive positive change, improve community relations, and ensure public safety.

FBI-LEEDA’s focus on leadership development prepares officers to tackle modern challenges. This year’s executive board, led by Fitzgerald, aims to continue this tradition. Their goal is to equip law enforcement leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

In summary, Chief Joel Fitzgerald’s election as President of FBI-LEEDA signifies a commitment to excellence in law enforcement leadership. With a strong executive team, the organization is poised to make significant strides in training and development. This leadership is essential for fostering effective, ethical, and community-focused policing.

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