West Chester-based Private Intelligence Agency Illuminates National Security Issue

Tactical Rabbit

WEST CHESTER, PA — Tactical Rabbit, a West Chester, PA-based private intelligence agency, has completed a commissioned report outlining and providing details on a significant National Security issue.

The report identified a China-based commercial technology company that is selling and marketing an imitation product based on illicitly acquired U.S. technology and intellectual property belonging to an American company.

According to Tactical Rabbit CEO and Director of Intelligence Everett Stern, his company has uncovered information showing that the company is assisting the Chinese intelligence service to identify, acquire and illegally transfer targeted U.S. technology, innovation and research and development information for benefit of Chinese companies and their economy.

“The intelligence we found is just the tip of the iceberg of Chinese espionage and illegal acquisition of U.S. proprietary data in the U.S.,” stated Stern who referenced a recently published analytical report by the prestigious Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) detailing over 200 confirmed instances of Chinese espionage and covert transfer of restricted U.S. technology that occurred within the U.S. from 2000 to 2020.

The CSIS report also contained data on circa 1200 separate cases of Intellectual Property litigation brought by U.S. companies against Chinese entities during the same time period. “The Chinese government is secretly using companies to steal the commercial data of U.S. companies and target restricted technology used by the U.S. Government. This is causing damage to our economy and costing jobs to Americans in these difficult economic times,” stated Stern.

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