Streamlining Employee Absence and Time: Frontline Education’s Latest Research Has the Solution!

Frontline Education

MALVERN, PAFrontline Education announced the release of How to Support Compliance with The Complete View of Employee Absence and TimeThe research brief, developed by the Frontline Research & Learning Institute (Institute), explores the vast quantity of payroll data generated by hourly employees during a school year and provides recommendations on how to manage the essential data. The brief focuses on how data and comprehensive technology can help school districts adhere to labor laws and collective bargaining agreements while ensuring that hourly time and attendance records are processed in a timely and accurate way.

“Time at school districts across the country is very limited in today’s staff-shortage environment, and school leaders should not be burdened with manual, paper-based time tracking processes,” said Mark Gruzin, CEO of Frontline Education. “With the release of this white paper, we’re providing districts with the most current trends related to hourly employees’ time tracking and aggregated data informing payroll information. The perspectives shared will enable K-12 administrators to make data-backed decisions when it comes to payroll and compliance, while freeing them up to focus on their mission of supporting positive educational outcomes.”

The Institute analyzed the time-tracking data generated by over 2,000 school districts nationwide during the 2021-2022 school year. According to the Institute’s analysis, the average school district had:

  • 339 hourly employees logging time.
  • 241 payroll records generated by each hourly employee, on average.
  • 29% of payroll records included at least one hour of overtime pay.

The data suggests that the average district generates nearly 82,000 payroll records for hourly employees each year, or nearly 2,000 payroll records that HR and payroll departments need to process per week. Further, of those 82,000 records, about 24,000 of them will require customized payroll to account for overtime work. This alone would surely burden any manual process.

To read the full research brief, visit here. To learn more about tools that help to track absence and time data, visit here.

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