Strategic Solution Partners: Moving Beyond the Staffing Crisis

Strategic Solutions Partners, SearchWide and SalesBoost Join Forces to Provide a Comprehensive Talent Solution

WEST CHESTER, PA — Strategic Solution Partners (SSP) has once again partnered up with SearchWide Global and SalesBoost in a survey of the main groups of hospitality stakeholders with the objective of finding viable solutions to the ongoing staffing crisis.

Moving Beyond the Staffing Crisis is the second of SSP’s research studies focused on staffing shortages. While the 2021 Gig Study concentrated on the mass exodus of talent into other industries from the executive point of view, the 2022 edition also provides:

  • The reasons behind the dwindling enrollment into hospitality colleges and potential solutions
  • Data on the current workforce demands and motivations 
  • Guidance on how to remedy the image of the hospitality industry being low-paying and lacking upward mobility
  • An overview and evaluation of the strategies used to attract and retain talent

Find out more and download the gig study here.

In order to provide relevant, actionable takeaways, the respondent group consisted of contractors, hotel executives, and leading academics at hospitality colleges. The resulting statistics are therefore varied and in-depth, including data on the contractor and student perceptions, contractor involvement on different levels of the hotel hierarchy, and recovery rates as observed by hotel leaders.

Importantly, a substantial part of the study is dedicated to an overview of the potential solutions and current tactics used by the most influential stakeholders to relieve the most pressing pressure points. In the words of Bill Scanlon, the founder and CEO of SSP: “The 2022 gig study is our most solution-oriented research paper to date: we feel that sharing objective data about the efficiency of the currently applied solutions is going to provide valuable guidance, crucial to solving the problem on a global level.”

You can download Moving Beyond the Staffing Crisis on SSP’s website and engage in conversation about it on their LinkedIn page.

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