United Safety Partners With Exigent to Deliver Gun Detection Technology

United Safety and Survivability Corporation

EXTON, PA — United Safety, a global manufacturer of safety and survivability solutions, announced the recent launch of a strategic partnership with Exigent.

The partnership with Exigent, based in Huntsville, AL, will focus on gun detection leveraging Exigent’s cutting-edge technology known as Exigent®-GR. The Exigent-GR gun detection capability is based on AI technology developed for use by the military. Exigent-GR combines state-of-the-art camera technology with sophisticated computer vision in either a single robust device that autonomously scans and processes images to identity guns or can also be integrated with existing facility camera system to autonomously identify guns.

Randy Riley, President and CEO of the manager of Exigent, explains “current security camera systems require a human to identify gun threats. Even dedicated security professionals using the best camera system cannot provide 100% real-time observation. An effective, pro-active solution is needed to identify guns before they enter an area where shots are fired and that is where the Exigent-GR technology comes into play.” He continues stating “we are excited to partner with United Safety with deep expertise and knowledge of the various industries it serves and a proven track record in bringing innovative technologies to market.”

United Safety continues to grow its portfolio of product offerings that include the most innovative and reliable safety and survivability solutions its customers can trust to protect life and property. Joseph Mirabile, CEO & President of United Safety states “the partnership between United Safety and Exigent is one that has special meaning to me. Anything that United Safety can do to help our customers navigate these complex challenges by bringing them access to lifesaving technology is at the very core of what we stand for as an organization. We believe the Exigent® – GR technology can help make a difference in the lives of the people we serve on an all too frequent basis.”

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