ArriVent BioPharma Partners with Alphamab to Develop Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatments

ArriVent BioPharma

SUZHOU, China and NEWTOWN SQUARE, PA — ArriVent BioPharma, Inc. announced a strategic collaboration with Jiangsu Alphamab Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (“Alphamab”) to develop and commercialize novel antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) for cancer treatment. This partnership aims to leverage the strengths of both companies to bring innovative oncology therapeutics to market.

Bing Yao, Chairman and CEO of ArriVent, highlighted the significance of the collaboration. “This exciting collaboration strengthens and complements our pipeline with the potential to add multiple innovative new ADC programs,” he said. “We look forward to complementing the research and discovery capabilities of Alphamab with our global drug development and commercialization expertise to address the unmet needs of cancer patients.”

ADCs are a class of cancer treatment that combines antibodies with potent chemotherapy drugs. This targeted approach allows for the direct delivery of the drug to cancer cells, sparing healthy cells and reducing side effects. The collaboration will utilize Alphamab’s proprietary glycan-conjugation technology and linker-payload platform, which have shown promise in clinical settings.

Ting Xu, Ph.D., Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Alphamab Oncology, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. “ArriVent shares our passion for developing differentiated, clinically valuable, and globally competitive new drugs,” he said. “This collaboration, based on Alphamab’s proprietary and clinically validated glycan-conjugation platform, combined with ArriVent’s deep knowledge in oncology and extensive development experience, provides us with the opportunity to work together to deliver important new oncology therapeutics to patients.”

Under the agreement, ArriVent gains exclusive rights to develop and commercialize these ADCs globally, except in Greater China, where Alphamab retains development and commercialization rights. The financial terms include upfront and potential milestone payments to Alphamab totaling up to $615.5 million, contingent on achieving specific regulatory, development, and sales milestones. Additionally, Alphamab will receive tiered sales royalties from ArriVent for each ADC product.

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Advancing Cancer Care: A Breakthrough Collaboration

This collaboration marks a significant step for both companies. For ArriVent, it means bolstering its oncology pipeline with cutting-edge therapeutic candidates that could offer better outcomes for cancer patients. For Alphamab, it provides a partner with the expertise and resources needed to drive global development and commercialization efforts.

The potential impact of this partnership extends beyond financial gains. It represents a concerted effort to address the unmet needs in cancer treatment through innovation and collaboration. As the global burden of cancer continues to rise, advancements in targeted therapies like ADCs could offer new hope for patients and healthcare providers alike.

Moreover, the collaboration reinforces the growing trend of cross-border partnerships in the pharmaceutical industry. By pooling resources and expertise, companies can accelerate the development of groundbreaking treatments and navigate complex regulatory landscapes more efficiently.

In summary, the partnership between ArriVent BioPharma and Alphamab Biopharmaceuticals signifies a promising advancement in the fight against cancer. Leveraging Alphamab’s innovative technology and ArriVent’s development capabilities, the collaboration aims to deliver new, effective cancer treatments to patients worldwide. This strategic move not only enhances the portfolios of both companies but also contributes to the broader goal of improving cancer care globally.

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