Mural Health Named ‘Most Innovative Start-up’ at 2024 Citeline Awards

Mural Health

BERWYN, PAMural Health has been awarded the title of “Most Innovative Start-up” at the 2024 Citeline Awards. Citeline, a leader in business intelligence for pharmaceutical and medtech markets, recognizes start-ups that tackle the formidable challenges of clinical trials with creative and innovative approaches.

Mural Health’s flagship product, Mural Link, stands out as a patient-first participant management platform. It simplifies the clinical trial experience for patients and caregivers while reducing administrative burdens for research sites. Through this comprehensive platform, trial participants can:

  • Receive payments without hidden fees.
  • Schedule travel without out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Communicate easily with sites and provide feedback.
  • Share insights about their experiences.

Judges at the Citeline Awards praised the innovation, highlighting its potential to expand access to trials and increase cohort diversity. “This innovative approach helps trial participants and sponsors and should help expand access to trials, thereby increasing cohort diversity,” they noted.

Mural Link is designed to enhance engagement, streamline operations, and deliver better results. It is the first product to offer real-time satisfaction and retention data across all study sites. This data empowers sponsors to make informed decisions, ultimately speeding up the delivery of transformative healthcare solutions to market.

Sam Whitaker, co-founder and CEO of Mural Health, emphasized the need for technological advancements in clinical research. “Over the last 15 years, technology has evolved significantly, but the clinical research industry has not kept up. Participants deserve better,” Whitaker said. “We need to meet patients and caregivers where they are, which is why we built Mural Link, a next-generation platform that is making it easier to participate in clinical trials for the benefit of all stakeholders. Thank you to Citeline for acknowledging our mission and for the honor of receiving this award!”

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The Citeline Awards celebrate excellence in clinical trial design, technological advancements, and outstanding achievements in clinical research and development. The event attracts hundreds of leaders in biopharmaceuticals, contract research organizations (CROs), and diagnostics, who gather to honor the most significant innovations in the field.

The recognition of Mural Health’s innovation highlights the growing importance of improving the clinical trial process. Clinical trials are essential for developing new treatments and medications, but they often face challenges such as participant recruitment, retention, and administrative complexities. Innovations like Mural Link address these issues by enhancing the overall participant experience and streamlining site operations.

For patients, this means an easier and more transparent process when participating in clinical trials. They can manage their involvement with greater convenience and less financial burden, potentially leading to higher participation rates and more diverse cohorts. Diversity in clinical trials is crucial for ensuring that new treatments are effective across different demographics.

For sponsors and research sites, real-time data on participant satisfaction and retention can inform better decision-making and improve trial outcomes. This data-driven approach can accelerate the development of new therapies, bringing them to market faster and benefiting patients sooner.

The broader implications extend to the healthcare industry as a whole. Efficient and effective clinical trials are fundamental to medical innovation. By addressing long-standing challenges in the trial process, companies like Mural Health contribute to the advancement of healthcare technology and the delivery of new, life-saving treatments.

In summary, Mural Health’s recognition at the Citeline Awards underscores its role in revolutionizing clinical trials. With its innovative platform, Mural Health is poised to make significant contributions to the field, improving experiences for participants and outcomes for sponsors, and ultimately driving progress in medical research and healthcare delivery.

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