South Mill Champs CEO Completes Triathlon, Donates Funds to LCH Health and Community Services

LCH CEO, Ronan W. Gannon and South Mill Champs CEO, Lewis MacleodLCH CEO, Ronan W. Gannon and South Mill Champs CEO, Lewis Macleod /Submitted Image

KENNETT SQUARE, PALCH Health and Community Services has received a generous donation from Lewis Macleod, CEO of South Mill Champs, following his completion of an Olympic triathlon. The funds raised will support LCH’s mission to provide high-quality healthcare and social services to the community.

Macleod, who participated in a 1.5 km swim, a 40 km bike ride, and a 10 km run, presented the check to LCH CEO Ronan W. Gannon. This contribution reflects South Mill Champs’ commitment to supporting local organizations and improving the well-being of Chester County residents.

“I am deeply honored to support LCH through this fundraiser,” said Macleod. “LCH’s mission to improve the health and well-being of people and communities by providing high-quality healthcare, resources, and social services aligns with South Mill Champs’ commitment to nourish responsibly. By participating in this triathlon, we raised essential funds that will help LCH continue supporting the highest possible standard for community health and wellness.”

South Mill Champs, a leading provider of fresh mushrooms and functional mushroom foods, has a history of community involvement. The company’s philanthropic efforts consistently focus on enhancing local healthcare and education.

The donation will assist LCH in its efforts to address the diverse needs of the community, particularly underserved populations. This includes initiatives around health literacy and patient education.

“We sincerely appreciate Mr. Macleod’s generous donation and commitment to supporting LCH,” said Gannon. “His participation in the Olympic triathlon and the funds raised will significantly benefit our ongoing mission to provide high-quality, affordable healthcare to the community. This contribution is a testament to South Mill Champs’ dedication to local organizations and enhancing the well-being of Chester County residents.”

Founded in 1973, LCH has grown into a comprehensive health and community services organization. It offers a range of services, including primary medical care, behavioral health, social services, pediatrics, and women’s health services, to thousands of individuals and families in southern Chester County.

Empowering Health: Corporate Philanthropy in Action

This donation is crucial for LCH as it continues to expand its services and reach more individuals in need. The funds will help bridge the gap in healthcare access for vulnerable populations, ensuring they receive the necessary care and support.

For the broader community, the implications of this donation are significant. Enhanced healthcare services lead to better overall health outcomes, reduced emergency room visits, and a more informed and healthier population. Additionally, by supporting health literacy and patient education, LCH empowers individuals to take control of their health, leading to long-term benefits for the community.

In conclusion, Macleod’s triathlon effort and the resulting donation highlight the positive impact that corporate philanthropy can have on local communities. As LCH continues to provide essential services, contributions like these play a vital role in sustaining and expanding its mission. This partnership between South Mill Champs and LCH exemplifies how businesses and healthcare providers can collaborate to create a healthier, more vibrant community.

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