Rajant and SRSI Revolutionize Warehouse Operations with Autonomous Connectivity Solution


MALVERN, PA — Rajant Corporation, in partnership with Kinetic Mesh Premier Partner Slate River Systems, Inc. (SRSI), has introduced a groundbreaking solution to achieve seamless autonomous connectivity within warehouse environments. This collaboration marks a pivotal advancement in addressing the longstanding challenges of wireless network reliability in spaces dominated by metal racks, heavy machinery, and signal interference.

Traditional wireless networks, including Wi-Fi and LTE, have struggled to maintain integrity within the complex landscape of modern warehouses. These environments, essential to the global supply chain, are increasingly reliant on automated systems and robotic technology to meet the demands of distribution and storage efficiency. However, the physical constraints of these spaces often result in connectivity gaps that can hinder operational efficiency and reliability.

Recognizing this critical gap, SRSI, a material handling systems integrator known for its innovative RAFT (Right Angle Fast Transfer) automated storage solutions, sought a robust networking solution capable of supporting the high-density, automated pallet storage systems crucial for today’s warehousing needs. The answer came in the form of Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh technology, a unique offering that provides make-make-make-never-break connectivity, effectively bridging the limitations of existing wireless options.

Gary Wroblewski, a Network Specialist at SRSI, emphasized the transformative impact of Rajant’s technology, stating, “Rajant has allowed us to build a robust and scalable network to support our customers’ success running our advanced RAFT storage system. No other wireless can do what they did.” This sentiment underscores the unique capability of Rajant’s solution to enable continuous, uninterrupted communication within highly dynamic and physically challenging environments.

Chris Wall, Rajant Sales Director, highlighted the urgency for improved communication platforms in automated warehouses, where the seamless operation of Automated Guided Robots (AGRs) is critical. “Wi-Fi has limited range, and LTE is cost prohibitive with limited capacity, so companies are turning to Rajant to fix their wireless communications by enabling seamless connectivity throughout the warehouse,” Wall explained.

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The implementation of Rajant’s technology in SRSI’s customer warehouse has facilitated a fully autonomous shipping and receiving process, a significant leap forward in operational efficiency. By integrating Rajant Peregrine BreadCrumbs® within the warehouse structure and mounting Rajant ES1s on the robots, the system ensures that commands are relayed over-the-air to the moving robots without requiring them to complete a task and dock before proceeding to the next one.

This innovation not only enhances the speed and reliability of warehouse operations but also sets a new standard for the logistics industry, offering a scalable solution to the connectivity challenges that have long plagued indoor industrial activities. As companies continue to embrace automation and robotics in their operational infrastructure, the partnership between Rajant and SRSI emerges as a beacon of technological advancement, promising to redefine the capabilities of modern warehousing and distribution centers.

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