Ecovyst Announces Winners of its 2022 Sustainability Leadership Awards


MALVERN, PA — Ecovyst Inc. (NYSE: ECVT) this week announced that it has recognized three outstanding teams with the company’s 2022 Sustainability Leadership Awards.

The award winners, which were selected by Chief Executive Officer Kurt J. Bitting and members of the executive management team, are the Ecoservices Baton Rouge site for the most impactful Climate Change Reduction Project, the cross-functional team developing Silica Catalyst for Bio-Butadiene manufacture for the Best New Sustainable Product and/or Process and the Ecoservices Baytown site for the Most Impactful Social Contribution during 2022.

“Over the last year, Ecovyst has placed sustainability at the forefront of our strategy development, and has outlined ambitious 2025 and 2030 Sustainability Goals in our 2021 CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Report,” said Mr. Bitting. “As part of our sustainability focus, Ecovyst also launched its Sustainability Leadership Award program to recognize Ecovyst sites, work teams or individual employees that demonstrate meaningful sustainability improvements in the product, process and social impact areas.”

To qualify for the awards, sites, teams or work groups had to submit detailed applications describing their particular projects and the resulting sustainability improvements. From the many impressive projects, the following projects or teams were selected as the 2022 Sustainability Award Recipients:

  • Ecovyst Environmental Initiative Award for the Most Impactful Climate Change Reduction Project – Baton Rouge Furnace Optimization Project reduces energy consumption and related GHG emissions by about 22%.
  • Ecovyst Sustainable Innovation Award for the Best New Sustainable Product and/or Process – Ecovyst team developing an innovative silica catalyst for bio-butadiene manufacture, replacing petroleum-based butadiene, for use in green innovative synthetic rubbers.
  • Ecovyst Community Impact Award for the Most Impactful Social Contribution – Baytown site for Multiple Community Partnerships, including long-term assistance to the local elementary school as a Partner In Education (PIE); support to mutual aid groups/CAP; and other food bank and community clean-up efforts.
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“We congratulate these award recipients for their leadership in supporting our sustainability goals and proudly thank all of our applicants and employees who demonstrate their commitment to sustainability on a daily basis,” concluded said Mr. Bitting.

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