Vishay Intertechnology Expands Optoelectronics Portfolio with Advanced IR Emitters

Vishay Intertechnology

MALVERN, PAVishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) has introduced eight new high-power infrared (IR) emitters to its optoelectronics portfolio. These components, qualified under AEC-Q102 standards, offer exceptional radiant intensity and are designed for demanding automotive applications.

The new IR emitters, operating at wavelengths of 850 nm and 940 nm, are built on Vishay’s Astral surface emitter chip technology. They support high drive currents up to 1.5 A DC and 5 A pulsed, making them suitable for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), driver and cabin monitoring, eye tracking, and CCTV.

These emitters deliver radiant intensity up to 6000 mW/sr at a 5 A pulse current and 2000 mW/sr at 1.5 A DC current. This performance is 10% higher than the nearest competitor. The increased radiant intensity enhances illumination and contrast, reducing the need for multiple components and thereby cutting costs and saving space.

Vishay’s emitters come in compact, surface-mount packages with lenses, occupying 20% less footprint than competing devices. This space efficiency is crucial for modern automotive designs where every millimeter counts. The 940 nm devices minimize the red glow effect, enhancing aesthetics and functionality, while the 850 nm emitters align better with camera sensors.

To cater to different applications, Vishay offers these emitters with four angles of half intensity: ±28°, ±40°, ±60°, and ±75°. This flexibility allows engineers to optimize the field of view according to specific requirements.

These emitters operate efficiently over a wide temperature range from -40 °C to +125 °C. They also feature low thermal resistance, which enhances thermal management and supports their high drive currents. Additionally, the IR emitters are RoHS-compliant, halogen-free, and support lead-free reflow soldering, making them environmentally friendly.

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With high ESD immunity up to 5 kV and a moisture sensitivity level of 3, these emitters meet stringent reliability standards. They offer a floor life of 168 hours, ensuring durability in harsh environments.

This expansion of Vishay’s optoelectronics portfolio signifies a step forward in the development of high-performance IR technology. The advanced capabilities of these emitters can drive innovation in automotive safety and monitoring systems. By providing superior performance in a compact form, Vishay addresses the growing demand for efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solutions in the automotive industry.

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