Teleflex Launches New Arrow VPS Rhythm DLX Device and NaviCurve Stylet in the United States


WAYNE, PA — Teleflex Incorporated (NYSE: TFX) announced the recent launch of two new devices designed to enhance PICC insertion procedures and reduce the chance of complications. The new Arrow® VPS Rhythm® DLX Device and NaviCurve™ Stylet are engineered to work together to give Vascular Access Specialists more efficient and predictable PICC placement.

The next-generation VPS Rhythm® DLX Device provides real-time catheter tip location information by using the patient’s cardiac electrical activity. The device is also available with an optional integrated ultrasound featuring a Catheter-to-Vessel ratio tool that promotes standardization in vessel measurement. This device works in concert with the Arrow® PICC preloaded with the NaviCurve™ Stylet, providing innovative tip navigation/location technologies.

The VPS Rhythm® DLX Device with TipTracker™ Technology eliminates the need for a confirmatory x-ray, helping the clinician insert seamlessly through ultrasound vessel assessment, PICC navigation, to final tip confirmation in the lower third of the superior vena cava.1

Due to the variability of patient vasculature, all PICCs can occasionally have difficulty advancing into the superior vena cava (SVC) on the first attempt. The Arrow® NaviCurve™ Stylet features an anatomical curve and flexible tip that are designed to self-orient to patient anatomy for enhanced PICC advancement into the superior vena cava (SVC) for successful insertion.1

Teleflex conducted extensive research with industry-leading vascular access professionals to design the enhancements featured in the new Arrow® VPS Rhythm® DLX Device, NaviCurve™ Stylet, PICCS, and other insertion accessories.<

Clinician-inspired updates to the portfolio include:

  • Integrated ultrasound (optional) to assist with vascular access
  • Real-time visual catheter navigation, featuring a visualization area twice the size of the BD Sherlock 3CG™2,3
  • In benchtop testing, optimal PICC dropping into the lower third of the SVC in a simulated model, with a 90% drop rate on first insertion attempt with the NaviCurve™ Stylet compared to 0% drop rate with market leading PICC from BD1
  • Premium kit components available including one-piece, full-body fenestrated drape, ultrasound probe cover with gel, and 3M™Tegaderm™ CHG Securement Dressing
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“We remain committed to building strong partnerships with our clinicians and hospitals, and these latest advancements in Arrow® Catheter Insertion Technology from Teleflex align with our mutual goal toward zero catheter-related complications. The introduction of our new positioning device and enhanced catheter design complement our proprietary Arrowg+ard Blue Advance® PICC antimicrobial and antithrombogenic protection that reduces thrombus accumulation and the primary pathogens responsible for most healthcare associated infections.4 With multiple levels of protection, critical innovations, best-in-class education and bedside support, we are well suited to be the partner of choice for our customers.” said Lisa Kudlacz, President and General Manager, Vascular at Teleflex.


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